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  1. Hello everyone! I found this picture during a routine search on F-4s in Vietnam. I'm just trying to figure out if this is an F-4C or F-4D. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Scout. I’ll be doing a vf-84 aircraft, so timeframe would be pre 1976, if that helps.
  3. Hello everyone- getting ready to move forward on this project and I had a quick follow up about the missile versions. Would the aim-9g/h and aim-7e be appropriate for an the f-4n? thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for the help all. I think I’ll go with the air to air options. mike
  5. Hello All - Quick question on the HAF F-4E AUP carriage of the Lightning Pod. Is the same missile well adapter as used for the lightning pod as used on the F-4G to carry the ECM pods? Or is it similar enough that no one would notice in 1/48 scale? Thanks for the help!
  6. Hello all - Does anyone know what the typical weapons loads for navy F-4Ns were? Did they just fly fleet interceptor role so all Air to Air weapons or would there have been instances of air to ground? Maybe a training load out with inert air to ground weapons? I've had a hard time finding any definitive photos with any armament loaded. I have some decals for VF-84 F-4N that I was thinking of using on a Tamiya F-4N (converted from the F-4B). Don't know - thoughts? Thanks Mike
  7. Do the 36270 areas have the metallic sheen as well? Thanks for the help!
  8. Hi Everyone! Does anyone know if there are any companies out there that make custom decals. I have tried my hand at home made decals and so far it has been less then a stellar showing. Thanks for the help Mike
  9. Nice looking Superbugs! Really fantastic job. Did you find the GBU-38s from AMK and the Eduard GBU-53 to be the same length? I have a variety of different manufacturer's GBU-38s and none are the same length as the Eduard GBU-53. Easy fix, I just needed to pick up some Eduard thermal coated -38s, but curious about the AMK renditions. Mike
  10. Perfect! Thanks for the assist. Mike
  11. Hello! I am looking to start a F-4S project and was thinking of arming it up with inert training bombs. I wanted to use the Mk-82s with the BSU-86 high drag tail, but I am not able to determine when the BSU-86 came into the Navy's inventory. I've included a picture of the mk-82 i'm looking to use below. Thanks for the help Mike
  12. I always go with aftermarket resin. Phase Hanger and Quickboost are my usual choices. I’m not a fan of the photoetch harnesses in the other brands. mike
  13. Awesome! Thanks for the info. On a side note - I have a Hasegawa F-4G with some aftermarket goodies that I'm looking to sell. If anyone is interested please send me a PM! 😆
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