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  1. Thanks everyone! This was very helpful. Does Hasegawa have the only one available in 1/48 scale? Seems like an opportunity for the aftermarket guys considering the Tamiya F-4B's popularity. Thanks again Mike
  2. Hello all! I am hoping someone can help me identify the pod on the centerline of this phantom. Looks like a gun pod to me, but defiantly not a SUU-23. I appreciate any help! Thanks Mike
  3. I am so glad I asked! Thanks Dave - BTW - I am a big fan of Flying Leathernecks Products. keep up the great work. Mike
  4. Hi guys - I am looking for a little bit of AM help. Does anyone know if someone (after market or a included in one of the various kits) makes the dual AMRAAM launcher for the Super Hornet in 1/48th scale? If you are unfamiliar its the thing hanging on the number 3 pylon (or maybe its number 9 pylon) in this picture. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hello All - Dragging up an old thread here but I need a little insight on some Vietnam era A-7D loadouts. Hopefully someone can help me out. I am leaning toward the one of the following: Option 1: Sta1 - Mk82 Sta2 - Slant load MER w/ Mk82 Sta3 - Fuel Tank Sta4 - Sidewinder Sta5 - Sidewinder Sta6 - Fuel Tank Sta7 - Slant Load MER w/ Mk82 Sta8 - ELQ - 87 ECM Pod Option 2: Sta1 - Empty Sta2 - Slant load TER w/ Mk82 Sta3 - MER w/ BLU-27 Napalm Canisters (not sure how many yet) Sta4 - Sidewinder S
  6. Nice work Dia. Looks great. VA-195 is a personal favorite of mine, but you do what you like.
  7. Thanks for the help guys, 400 gallon tank it is. Look for an in-progress build starting this weekend.
  8. Hello all - I am just starting a Hasegawa A-4 build. I am planning on either a A-4E or A-4F from VA-155 during the Vietnam War. Planned load out is TERs on the inboards with slant loaded MK82 snake-eyes and LAU-10 Zuni pods on the outboards with a center line fuel tank. Does anyone know which tank is appropriate in that config in that time frame? Either the 300 gallon or the 400 gallon? I have both from Phase Hanger Resin, just can't really tell which is correct, or could it be either one? Thanks for the help Mike
  9. Fantastic work. This is inspiring me to get out one of my Tomcats and get to work!
  10. Glad to see you back at this one chuck! Looking forward to the next update. mike
  11. Hi Chuck! Love following your builds. Any updates lately? Thanks Mike
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