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  1. A good thing I see in those pictures is the canopy for the 2 seater which means a dual will be coming. That version is long overdue with only the Matchbox offering to date.
  2. I can even see Luke waving to us in one of the pics. Great job!
  3. Great, great looking aircraft. Now I have a livery for all 3 of my kits in the stash.
  4. For the 1/72 B-one there is white metal undercarriage from Scale Aircraft Conversions and resin exhausts without the turkey feathers (about US$60 on evilbay) representing current engine config. I have a set of each and they're very nicely detailed. That's all I'm aware of.
  5. You guys should be greatful, Australia gets exotic and paints its aircraft.... grey!
  6. I saw and held the test samples last year at a model show and the detail is outstanding. This will be the most detailed Mirage ever released!
  7. Well I'm a happy owner of a new u/s cleaner just can't wait to get it and try it out. Bought the Cody version "as seen on youtube".
  8. Thanks for info guys, Me thinks I'm off shopping now and will check definately the ALDI site. Appreciate your help.
  9. I've been looking into buying an ultrasonic cleaner for my airbrushes. Question is, do they really work and would it be a worthwhile purchase? Your views would be helpful. thx
  10. That is outstanding work, congratulations on a super job.
  11. Tokyo-Hobby has the Fujimi TA-4 for USD$10.80 (listed at 2nd Jan 3 available) and the A-4B for US$19.80 then shipping costs.
  12. Now if they would only add a PC-9 to that line-up.
  13. So much for thinking I've got all the models I wanted, I've just added to the stash Pre-ordered the Platz X-47B UCAV, and bought the Airfix Harrier TA-10 and Italeri Harrier TAV-8B.
  14. Hmmm have uploaded Photobucket now comes the transferring pictures part. Computer skills will be put to the test me thinks. Pasting url's this I can do
  15. Aaaah, this is great so many thanks. Just need to learn how to drive Photobucket now.
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