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  1. Title says all. Kit must be the "Ichiban" boxing as it is the only one with the correct tail number in decal format.
  2. Just got my kit! Colin was a pleasure to buy from.
  3. Im looking for some reasonably priced 1/72 builder kits for a project and need help finding them. I don't need boxes or decals as long as the kit is complete I will buy it. The List - All 1/72 - KC-135R - Must be the R model. RC-135 E-3 B-52G or H AC-130H or U C-130H or J KC-97 F-104 U-2 P-38 F-35 F-22 F-106 Again if you have any of these at a reasonable price, I would like to buy them asap. Thanks!!!
  4. Hi Jack

    The B-1 was shipped yesterday. Tracking # is

    9114901230801740945750 Delivery due 3/19

    Please lmk when it arrives.



  5. As topic says, want to buy!!! Don't care about boxes. just as long as the parts are complete as they will be built for a display. let me know prices! -Jack
  6. Hello! I built this kit out of the Revell 23 Window Deluxe kit, however I needed to model a 15 window that has no ragtop or skylight windows..... It is an exact replica of the real bus. I tubbed the kit with a dremel and fiddled with the ride height to get the right stance, though on incorrect wheels. I used plastic card and CA glue to fill gaps. NO filler at all. it is as smooth as silk. The pair is factory og turquoise i had custom matched. The Rust paint is actually real rust. The base coat is a iron filing based paint and the 2nd coat is a rust enhancer to speed up the process over on
  7. Nice! Im almost done with my kit.
  8. I built this Hasegawa Single Cab for a friend to model his exact Vw Truck. I custom made the roof rack and the hurst bumper. Box: Paint is Krylon Jade Green, which is VERY close to the factory Turkis Color. The canvas tilt is a Vw option for the singe cabs. I made it out of some flat plastic strips Stretch Sprue Roof Rack Frame http://i1238.photobucket.com/albums/ff489/alexanderj2/photo-5.jpg Finished Product!!!
  9. Same Here....I got done scratchbulding a engine for my KC-10 and i found out they released it like a week afterwards.
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