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    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Sio, everything I have seen so far looks absolutely stunning. I am one of the 'crazy' people that didn't buy the 'competitions' F14 because I wanted one with flaps down, ready for a cat launch, and because I am cheering for you as a company. I guess my budget doesn't allow for both yours and the competitions, so I choose yours. I am really looking forward to this, but I really appreciate the lengths you have gone to. The details you have provided have me absolutely salivating! Can't wait to see what you guys have done with the mess of wiring and pipes that is the f14 wheel wells, especially if you managed the 'twirly' part. The surface detail looks about perfect to me personally.
  2. dryguy

    The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Hey 11bee Its all good, dunno why i was feeling like getting on my soap box. Apologies Gareth
  3. dryguy

    The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Old; they have been working a long time and have gotten to the top White; not in Asia or Africa where the population demographics aren't the same Guy; because they haven't made consistent choices that sacrifice their career's to other, equally important things, such as raising a family. And I don't care who or what is in charge, just don't try to infuse your political agenda in what was supposed to be entertainment. Sorry ;mods, if my reply is too controversial please remove it. Thanks
  4. dryguy

    Tamiya F-14 1/48

    looks friggin' gorgeous to me!! Very well done. Perhpas my only slight criticism is that I can see the front edge of the canopy/fuselage join.
  5. dryguy

    IJN Yamato Rigging Diagram

    check out 'Anatomy of the Ship-The Battleship Yamato" by Janusz Skulski, Conway Maritim Press. Almost every nut and bolt of the ship is drawn. Nice read too.
  6. dryguy

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    From my perspective, the two main things that put me off the kinetic kit were the missing weapons, or at least pylons under the intakes, which I really feel should be included. I also understand the wings are tricky to pose folded; I am concerned about the weight/stress on the fold join.That and justifying the price of the kit to my domestic boss.
  7. Not to come off as an expert, which I most certainly am not, but I remember reading what I thought was a convincing, good an article by a former f-14 pilot. He stated the it was a big misconception that the f-14, even the A model with the tf30s, was a lead sled. He said it depended a lot on whether the phoenix palletes were fitted or not; if they were it deprived the airframe of a significant amount of lift, and turn and climb rates suffered as a consequence. He also reckoned that whilst all 3 models required more 'piloting', the B and D models could more than handle themselves against any of the other teen series fighters in a knife fight. In the end, it was the atrocious reliability of the airframe that brought on a relatively early retirement. My understanding is that the radar/avionics of the D model had more acceptable maintenance/failure rates, however the airframe itself was still tricky and complex? Perhaps others can verify or dispute this? I do also remember seeing a EM curve for a bunch of teen fighters, (not sure how accurate it was) but I was shocked that at certain speeds, particularly lower energies, the f14 held the edge over the f15 and f16? Again, not sure how accurate this was but that 'pancake' between the engines I am pretty sure added very significant amounts of lift. With the f110 engine, and and extra pair of eyes, and skillful use of the wing sweep mechanism to fool an opponent as to the f14s energy state, I dont think the turkey was a seal waiting to be clubbed if the fight got close... I'll try to post a link to the article I mentioned
  8. Whilst I agree that we have been blessed, I still can't really fathom that no-one has built an accurate su27p in 1/48....hint hint GWH or AMK....
  9. dryguy

    We lost our baby girl tonight

    I am so, so very sorry...I am weeping as I type this... I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through....I truly am so so sorry
  10. dryguy

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Looking at the facebook pictures, am I wrong in concluding that the wing sweep/seal bladders are moulded in some sort of rubber? If so thats an interesting choice, as long as; -the rubber doesn't perish over time -it is paintable -it can be sanded to shape in case of less than 100% fit from a rubbish builder like me then I think it will work. To be honest I think I woulve prefered plastic. If it is plastic, then ignore my totally redundant post.
  11. dryguy

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    +1 for the shortened front landing gear, to depict a cat launch. Now if AMK REALLY wanted to spoil us, the "dolly" (I think thats what its called?) that the front panding gear attaches to. I think trying to include the whole blast deflector would probably bump up the cost too much for most people.
  12. dryguy

    AMK will release a Super Etendard 1/48

    May I also suggest, a vanilla su27? The hobby boss kit is good, I think(by my standards of good) but it would be awesome to have this jet done to AMK standards. The mig 25 I think will sell great; sexy jet and I would guess many people share similar sentiments as myself to stay away from the kittyhawk kit. Another good one i think would be an Su15. This is sort of a wish list ( I admit) but also trying to think of subjects that would sell well. I know this is arcAIR but would AMK consider doing armour and ships?
  13. Well you have hit the nail on the head here. It is also my eldest son who has been diagnosed with it, and again, the similarities between him and I are rather high. I suppose that I am also lucky in that my son is very much on the mild-to-normal side of the spectrum. Anyway this is a very fresh (3 days ago) diagnosis/news so I am still making sense of all of this. I can also add to the second part of your comment. Being in education (maths and physics teacher), I can attest to how often educational psychology changes. It really wouldn't surprise me at all if for example the book on Asperger's is completely rewritten in the coming years. Not saying it will, but it won't surprise me if it isn't. Where I am at the moment is letting go of the tendency to want to categorise, and make sense of the whole thing. My son is GREAT just the way he is, and the journey is going to be awesome. Thanks again all :)
  14. Guys I really want to say thanks to all of you; you really cannot imagine how therapeutic it is reading that some of you have it, know people that have it, etc and are doing fine. I supose also just to talk about with people that I know are similarly inclined. Thanks guys Gareth "Dryguy" Barry
  15. I absolutely, completely couldn't agree more. I really think it would be helpful if the "syndrom"or "disorder" part of Aspergers was dropped. I mean yeah sure I am a quirky guy, and I have always known that, but I have never really thought of myself as deficient in some way, and really dont care to. It does seem that model building would be a home for people with Aspergers. Thank goodness for the internet; I have no one around here who shares similar interests! And to be honest, judging by how heated some discussions get about what are after all, pieces of plastic (the panel lines are too deep, the shape is waaay off....) it certainly would fit? Funny enough I really enjoy the obsessive, rivet counting aspect of the hobby but try to tread as carefully as possible in the forums so as to no offend others. Maybe Im just people over compensating for my Aspie condition!