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  1. Could the front wheel/gear be put in the compressed position? If so, this set +the kasl wings could turn the Tamiya cat into a possible cat launch option. To tell the truth I am still waiting for the gwh cat..
  2. For anyone reading this thread and interested in this sort of thing--I highly recommend 'Greg' s airplanes' on YouTube. I thought I was knowledgeable on aerodynamics and the physics of flight-till I started watching his channel.
  3. The photos shown by Haneto confirm what we know- the slope is too great particularly where the engine nacelle meets the wing bags. I do also think that the planview is ever so slightly too curved- the pictures that solo provided seem to show that. Zactoman- you will be doing us a great service if you can point out the shape issues and possible fixes. On the plus side, at least most of the issues seem to be fixable with putty/resin and sanding. One of the things that put me off fixing the Academy kit was the canopy-no putty can fix that. I do like the details on this kit. I also believe that th
  4. Hmmm....had a bunch of posts deleted...don't really understand why. I think the pictures with tape comparing cross sections of the hip area with tamiya were quite helpful...
  5. Stunning model. The picture looking at the rear end of the model imho does show the issue with hip area. Thankfully the rest of the model looks good. (in terns of shape). Really need to get cross section comparisons of this area compared to tamiya.
  6. Well the differences seem pretty small if those are in fact the actual shapes. The whole front section seems to meet the main fuselage at a slightly different angle, but the overall shapes seem very similar. I am relieved that the canopies seem to be the same size-I was quite concerned that the AMK version was too small.
  7. Would a company such as Grumman sub-contract airframe parts to other manufacturers? If so, how tight were the tolerances on actual shape? Does the possibility exist of there being subtle shape differences from airframe to airframe due to different manufacturers? That would really suck if it did- so i certainly hope not.
  8. I too would clarity on this new potential issue - if the nose misshappen then i do regard that as quite a serious issue.
  9. Really excellent build thread. In some ways its such a pitty about this shape error around the hips because in terms of detail this kits looks spectacular.
  10. Wow Zactoman that's an excellent analysis! I think the error on the lower surface of the engine side fairing will certainly be less noticeable than the upper surface error. I am hoping that any other errors are at least less visible than than say the Hasegawa kit.
  11. I hear you and totally understand-however I am one of the insane people that likes to try my hand at sculpting etc, I guess I aspire to one day have Zactoman-like skills. I guess we all have different goals and strangely I get some enjoyment out of fixing these sorts of things. I tried to fix the nose of the academy kit, but gave up because the windshield was so badly misshaped and I wasn't up to the task of vacuum forming a new one. However I can only fix an error when I fully understand what the problem is. I guess I am one of those people that is really looking forward to getting the kit, a
  12. So if i am understanding correctly, the problem starts with the wing bladder bulging up too high just behind the wing, and then sloping too low after the wing bladder? I wonder how much of the exaggerated slope is caused by the overly bulging wing bladder? The reason why I say this is because removing material from the wing bladder via sanding will be a lot easier than adding material to the rear engine fairing. Can we start another thread analyzing Academy's F14 shape errors? That would be quite fun.
  13. Assuming that the slope is incorrect, what do you guys ( Zactoman!) suggest as a fix? I have been quite happy with polyester body filler - in fact i was able to modify a kinetic mirage iiie into a Cheetah C with the stuff. My thinking is to build up the area in question, and perhaps build mutiply 'negative ' cross sections to check for symmetry between left and right. The difficulty will be restoring little things like lost vents etc. I like the look of this kit and think i will be extremely happy with it. Yet i do think the rear shape is wrong, and will enjoy the challenge of fixi
  14. Very nice engineering for the windshield fit. And i think the shape of the "face" loots pretty good. My excitement level for this kit has certainly returned. Thanks for posting the build pics👍
  15. The model and the drawings are both perfect- it's the Grumman F14 that's off
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