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  1. Thanks. I've finally found a local shop that carries Vallejo paints, so I'll see if they have the semi gloss clear.
  2. I am working on a 1:48 scale F-4D Phantom of the Minnesota ANG in the ADC Gray scheme. I used MM Acryl Aircraft Gray (The only game in town), but in my opinion, it is really too glossy for this scale. I plan on giving it a clear coat of future to seal the decals. Then I want to try spraying it with an acrylic semi-gloss topcoat to take the edge off of the gloss. My reasoning is that this method typically works well when using a flat clear coat for finishing flat camoflage paint scemes. Anyone else face this dilemma? Would this work in creating semi-gloss/satin finishes?
  3. I'm kind of a noob when it comes to modelling, especially when working with flat paint finishes. I have been working on gloss-painted aircraft for a couple of years now (mainly Century Series a/c with ADC Gray or BMF) and have had no problem with decal application. I have tried my first "modern" fighter, an F-15 Eagle with the old Compass Gray paint scheme. I put on a few decals and after they dried, they looked...well, like decals! They are too glossy and at certain angles the film stands out like a sore thumb. My question is, is it possible to blend them in better using a decal setting solu
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