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  1. I'm looking for a full or partial set of Linden Hill 1/32 Su-27 Flanker 'Guardians of the North' Decals. Specifically I'm looking for the markings for Blue 36 and/or Blue 41 (The little black circle with the owl/hawk outlined in white holding a missile and the 'star medal' decal with red syrillic writing to the right of it). Please send me a PM or email to dsahling1@yahoo.com Thanks Dan
  2. I'm looking a set (or partial) of Linden Hill 1/32 Su-27 Flanker 'Guardians of the North' Decals, specifically I'm looking for the small black circle with the owl/hawk outlined in white and the decal that looks like 'star medal' with some red cyrillic writing to the right of it (the markings used for Blue 36/41). Please send me a PM or email to dsahling1@yahoo.com. Thanks Dan
  3. Does anyone have any reference photos of the Su-27 Flanker 'Blue 03/Blue 09' with the wolf emblem on the left forward fuselage area from Kilp Yavr? Please send an email or PM, dsahling1@yahoo.com Thanks Dan
  4. Hey Chuck, nice to see you back over here. I appreciate all your documentation as it really helped me put together a stunning Tamiya 1/32 F-15C (I've got to get a new camera before I take photos so it'll be a little while, but I'll get around to it). I know you've still got a ways to go on this one, but I think usually, you tend to alternate jet/prop. Since I know you enjoy trying new techniques and subjects, have you ever thought about an Su-27 Flanker? It's a bit of a departure from some of your other projects, but I'd love to see what you do with a Flanker, they're usually heavily weathered (especially up north) and as such they make for very interesting camouflage and airbrushing challenges. Just a thought, looking forward to seeing how the Spitfire progresses.
  5. dsahling

    Su-27 Flanker Photo DVD?

    Damn, I've got some photos of it when it was Red 07 that have helped a little but its from far away and very difficult to precisely determine some of the camouflage demarcation lines but I just need 1-2 good photos that clearly show the upper surfaces....sadly I'm running out of reference photos...
  6. dsahling

    Su-27 Flanker Photo DVD?

    I'm looking for a DVD by Sergey Archakov that contains about 900 photos of the Su-27 Flanker....first question does anyone know if it contains photos of Red 07/Blue 38 from Kilp Yavr? If so does anyone have a copy they would either be willing to make to sell? Or send me the photos of Red 07/Blue 38 (if it contains them?) Thanks Dan
  7. dsahling

    KA Models aftermarket parts

    It'd be reallynnice if they upscaled those to 1/32....
  8. Does anyone have photos of the upper surface camouflage of the Su -27SM Flanker ‘Red 64’? And can anyone provide a list of details that differentiate the SM version of flankers? Thanks Dan
  9. dsahling

    Yefim Gordon Contact Info?

    I was trying to get ahold of Yefim Gordon to see if he has some reference photos of a plane I'm searching for, I tried emailing a publisher that was potentially connected with him but I haven't received a reply and was wondering if anyone here was friends/acquaintances with him (or knew how to get in touch with him) and would be willing to provide me his email address or at least send a message on my behalf if you're not comfortable giving out his email. Please either respond here or send me a PM. Thanks Dan
  10. I’m looking for a back issue of Hobbyworld Magazine No. 9 01/2001 it apparently has an article about the Su-27 Flankers from Kilp Yavr. If anyone has this issue and can scan the photos, Im specifically looking for the Su-27 numbered ‘Red 07’ or would be willing to sell it I would be most grateful. Please send me a PM or email dsahling1@yahoo.com. Thanks Dan
  11. dsahling

    Masking over decals

    Give future a solid 48-72 hours to cure and even better is Tamiya x-22 clear. And try using Tamiya yellow or kabuki tape which works good and is low tac
  12. dsahling

    Masking over decals

    Make sure you use Microsol or Walthers Solvaset and its over a well-cured gloss coat (I like Tamiya Clear X-22) (test Walthers before applying on a decals/big decal cause sometimes it'll literally melt the decal), give the decals several days to thoroughly dry, and then seal the decals after its really dried well after a couple days with some more Tamiya X-22, this will also make the carrier film border harder to see. Dan