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  1. Do you use the "fuzzy" end or the hard end?
  2. So I'm going to be using HobbyDecal dry transfer stencils for the F-16 I'm currently working on, I'v never used them before and was curious if anyone had some input on how to best apply them. I've been reading up on it, and some recommend using either a coin, back of knitting needle, or toothpick. Anyone have a preference? Also, I used Gunze Mr. Color paints, can I apply the stencils directly over the paint (will I scratch off the paint with the rubbing tool?) or should I put down a coat of future first and then apply? Thanks, Dan
  3. My next project is going to be a 1/32nd F-14A, in low viz camo, I know superscale produced a set of decals in 1/32nd for VF-142 (low-viz). Does anyone know where I might be able to get these, or even better have a spare sheet they're not using. Dan
  4. Hi Chuck, I've really been enjoying your updates on this Phantom, looks fantastic! I while back I saw your post about how you lightly put down a first coat for an F-14B and then did some salt weathering and dark washes. I've been considering doing an low-viz F-14 as my next project and I was curious about how you did that type of weathering, what type of washes, etc. Did you used different shading of the gray? or were you able to get that effect solely from the washes? Thanks Dan
  5. So my latest project is a Tamiya 1/32nd F-16C "Thunderbirds" which is being converted into the 2003 Colorado ANG "Tigermeet" scheme. I decided to try the dry transfer stencils...My question is, does anyone have any experience with using "Future" over these stencils? Furthermore, I was going to increase the size of the decals from the Revell 1/72nd scale kit for 1/32nd, and then draw and cut out masks for the "tiger stripes," I have to do this over the "Future" coat, I'm going to be using "Gunze" Mr. Color Lacquer paints, does anyone know if this will work ok? Thanks Dan
  6. I'm currently building a Tamiya F-16C, and I'm going to use the Aires F-16C exhaust, I noticed that inside of the exhaust its pained white, put has "streaks" from the jet exhaust. Does anyone have any recommendations about how one goes about recreating these? I was thinking either lightly airbrushing it, using a weathering powder, or dry brushing, just curious how some others have gone about this? Thanks Dan
  7. Hey, thanks for replying, my email is dsahling1@yahoo.com, my address is 830 Race St. Denver, CO 80206. Can I send you around $5.00 for the fuel tank as well?

  8. I'm currently building a 1/32nd scale F-16C with a Thunderbirds kit (I'm converting it to a 2003 Tigermeet F-16C from the Colorado ANG). Unfortunately the kit lacks the centerline fuel tank, if anyone has an extra from a spares box please let me know. You can also email me at dsahling1@yahoo.com. Dan
  9. In this case, would you take an extra 1/32nd AIM-9, add the back fins but leave off the front ones, and sand it smooth? quote name='jmel' timestamp='1325299659' post='2310399'] What you're looking for is an AMA pod, not a Smokewinder. There are no aftermarket pods available, but it's easy to scratchbuild them in 1/32. Jake
  10. I'm just about to start a new project, a 1/32nd F-16C "Thunderbirds" converted to the Colorado ANG F-16C Tigermeet 2003 (It's covered in black, orange, and yellow tiger stripes). I've been able to locate an AIM-9M, and ACMI pod. However, I noticed the actual plane carries what looks like a "Sidewinder" without the front fins, I believe its some sort of smoke generating device, I've been looking for a 1/32nd scale version of this missile/smoke generator, does anyone know where I might be able to pick one up from? Thanks Dan This is a picture of the plane, and the device I'm talking about i
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