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  1. Considering these are naval aircraft they will more than likely be weathered, as such getting the color "spot on" isn't necessary unless you're doing a factory fresh paint job.
  2. After priming in grey with lacquer, I airbrushed the whole thing the "Army US Help Drab Color" (I can't remember the exact FS but Model Master makes it). I then looked at various reference photos that showed similar faded and touched up areas. I used a mix of various Tamiya and Model Master light and dark green colors (Tamiya Cockpit green among others, dark sea blue, brownish olive drabs, NATO black, etc) to "mottle" and "blend" these colors into the base color. After I was satisfied I used a fairly thinned misting coat of the base color to blend everything together. Then out came the Tam
  3. Out of curiosity does anyone know what those "ornaments" are that are hanging off of the engine cowlings?
  4. I recently read a couple of really interesting books about British Apache pilots in Afghanistan circa 2006, these helicopters are some really impressive examples of what engineering can do. Without further ado, let me present my latest work, the Hasegawa 1/48th AH-64D Apache 'Longbow' OOB. Hasegawa did a really nice job with this kit, the fit is top notch, there's only a couple troublespots, notably the main and tail rotor assembly. The kit is very nicely detailed with recessed panel lines, but has all those nice textured riveting on it too. Some parts of the kit are a wee bit over-engine
  5. I've actually always really liked the look of the F-22, I did one in 1/48th a few years back, I enjoyed doing the camouflage as since the sheen weathers and reflects light differently at different angles it can actually be a lot of fun to airbrush. I'd love to see 1/32 F-22, and you're right its been out for 14 years...why don't we have a big one yet? I mean Italeri is going to be releasing that ugly, stubby looking F-35, how does it go Can't run, can't climb, can't turn?
  6. I was thinking of trying to put together a little "cottage industry" of selling painted, decaled, finished missiles, bombs, fuel tanks, pods, etc. Do you think there might be a market for something like this? I mean I know for myself and probably lots of modelers out there, that putting together ordnance is one of my least favorite modeling tasks; same with filling and sanding. Thoughts? Dan
  7. With a fairly large number of new 1/32 aircraft being released, Trumpeter's MiG-29 line, TanModel Su-33, does anyone know about any plans for either a 1/32 EA-6B or at least a conversion? What about a 1/32 Su-34? 1/32 MiG-25? And why doesn't Tamiya release some of the two-seater F-16s, I mean the kit is engineered so you have to attach the front fuselage, or do maybe styrene conversions for F-16B, D, I, etc?
  8. Anyone have any photos of an f-16c carrying cbu-103 and agm-65? Or know if this is a legit loadoit?
  9. She's a beauty, I'm waiting for the Kittyhawk version to be released so I can figure out which kit to go with, very nicely done.
  10. The Avionix cockpit is nice, good detail. The IP angle is a pretty easy fix if one is so inclined (I personally didn't think it's noticeable and just let it be). You have to modify some of the kit pieces to get it to fit; most notably the main support beam of the fuselage. This is really only problematic if you're going to super detail the interior engine bays, compartments, etc. The part is nice because it adds some much needed nose weight.
  11. Nicely done, love those weathered A-6Es. Solid work my friend.
  12. I might be mistaken but I feel like when I was doing my A-4F Blue Angels I think I discovered that there i actually a panel line down the middle of the forward fuselage section
  13. I completed this shortly after Christmas, but had this nice cloudy day to take some good photos. The kit is the Trumpeter 1/32 A-6A Intruder, my second take at this as I had a really good time with the A-6E about a year or so ago. The engineering and fit of this kit OOB is fantastic, Trumpeter really got there A team together for this one. However, I used the Avionix resin cockpit which offered some nice detail and the True details ejection seats, some of the Eduard photo etch, AOA decals (second time I used their decals and they're probably some of the best decals both to look at, fit, and
  14. Another one I finished up a few months ago. I thought I had sworn off Kitchen sink builds, but at the time I was reading another Dan Hampton Book "The Hunter Killers" about the creation of the Wild Weasel mission in Vietnam, so I decided to do this kit right. Personally I think either that or his book about Wild Weasel F-16s in the Iraq Wars would make for a great movie and I would definitely recommend this to those fellow aviation and history enthusiasts. Back to the build, I used the 1/32 Trumpeter F-105G kit, Aires cockpit set, Eduard exterior and landing gear photoetch, the GT resin upg
  15. This was finished up several months ago, and I just got around to taking some pictures of it on a rare cloudy day in Colorado (I hate the excessive sunshine here, I'm a New Yorker at heart and prefer cool and grey days). This is the 1/32 Hasegawa kit, I believe its a new tool and is exceptionally well done. I would say one of the finer engineered kits that required minimal and fairly easing sanding and filling, these WWII planes are nice in that in most cases they tend to build up a little faster for me than the jets do. The fumes from the lacquer paints were just getting too much for me e
  16. The more I look at this the more I like it. You did a great job depicting an in-flight situation. The airbrushing is first rate, and the weathering is very convincing because it's subtle. Solid work there my friend.
  17. Title pretty much says it all, does anyone know if the Zactoman F-16 NSI that is designed for the Academy kit can fit the 1/32 Tamiya F-16C?
  18. I'm working on a US Army AH-64D, I've got some nice photos that show this really patchy, tattered look on the paint job. Before attempting this, I wanted to know if someone had some insight into whether or not the look is from dust, dirt, and sand (I believe the Middle East is supposed to have very fine sand, almost like powder, at least in some parts?) or is this look the result of weathering, bleaching, paint touchups, etc. Much appreciated Dan
  19. I used Mr Color RLM 65 for the Flanker I did about a year ago, worked out nicely.
  20. I used to lather on Mr. Color thinner over either lacquer or acrylic paint and leave it there for about 5-10 minutes then I used lots of q-tips soaked in thinner to start scrubbing off the paint, takes a while but it doesn't harm the plastic and then a little sanding afterwards and you should be good to go.
  21. So I'm finishing up a 1/32 A-6A Intruder, and one of the decal sheets shows that the bottom of the pylons (not MERs or TERs) should be party a darkish metallic color, only problem is finding reference photos that show the bottom of the pylon WITHOUT stores blocking the view. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Dan
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