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  1. 2 attempt so far…Trying to obtain the WW 1/35 MH-47E instructions book. Floyd is out. If you have it I will pay for copies if you have it LMK Thanks Tom
  2. Howdy fellow modelers, I’m looking for the two sets that are now discontinued for the 1/35 AH-64A/D 33012 32098 I’ve got lots to trade. Thanks Tom hh60gunner60@gmail.com
  3. Looking to Trade or Sell this nice kit. Very simple kit to put together I’m looking for the following: 1/32 Italeri F-35A 1/32 Trumpy F/A-18F EA-18G Growler Thanks
  4. If any one has these detail sets I can trade or buy ASAP. Have LOTS to trade. Mostly 1/32 Modern etc and lots of 1/35 helo’s Thanks hh60gunner60@gmail.com
  5. I already did. He doesn’t. He did send me some files but they don’t download. Maybe you’ll have better luck. Let me know brother
  6. Crap. Floyd had the intmdtruction booklet in his website which has since been deleted🤦🏻
  7. Really? Do you have the entire booklet? It’s like 17+ pages right? That would be great thomasb.reyes@gmail.com
  8. Bought the kit awhile back and it came without instructions. I’d be happy to pay for them if you can email them please LMN Respectfully Tom Reyes
  9. I have both kits.  Let me know what you are thinking....


  10. Anyone have either kit they want to get rid of? LMK Tom
  11. Absolutely. Send me your info and I can pay today Tom Reyes 5021 Andrew St SE Lacey Wa 98503 thank you sir
  12. Sweet. If you do let me know your pay Pal and I’ll pay ASAP Tom
  13. Looking for the WP Correct Chin Pod in 1/32. I can buy asap thanks Tom
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