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  1. Can trade you my: Academy 1/32 F/A-18C “Iraqi Freedom” Comes with BB Blue Angel Cockpit as well. Will also throw in the Revell 1/32 RF-4C as well Tom hh60gunner60@gmail.com
  2. Louie. Don’t see a pm in my email. Did you use hh60gunner60@gmail.com
  3. Try this hh60gunner60@gmail.com I just had to update it. Apologies
  4. Try this hh60gunner60@gmail.com I just had to update it. Apologies
  5. Team BTW. My old email was was deleted and my new one was just updated. Apologies It’s now: hh60gunner60@gmail.com
  6. I’ll take the AH/Mh-6M Little Bird Tom hh60gunnrr60@gmail.com
  7. Howdy everyone, well it’s over….31 years of honorable military service…. Miss it already but not the BS…..It was a great ride… On to the important stuff…Building models. I’m looking for the following kits: 1/32 Tamiya F-4C F-4E or the EJ 1/32 Trumpeter AV-8B Harrier “Plus” Mig-21MF Mi-23MF F-117 Stealth 1/32 Academy F-4E What I have for trade: 1/32 Tamiya (Sealed) F-4J “Navy Version” F-14A “Black Knights” 1/32 Trumpeter F/A-18F “Box Open”
  8. Hey Bob Give me a ring on tracking for the Prowler hh60gunner60@gmail.com Thx Tom
  9. 2 attempt so far…Trying to obtain the WW 1/35 MH-47E instructions book. Floyd is out. If you have it I will pay for copies if you have it LMK Thanks Tom
  10. Howdy fellow modelers, I’m looking for the two sets that are now discontinued for the 1/35 AH-64A/D 33012 32098 I’ve got lots to trade. Thanks Tom hh60gunner60@gmail.com
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