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  1. That must have been a beeyotch to get those off. Great job.
  2. Beautiful job!!! Congratulations! :thumbsup:
  3. Finally making some progress on U-Uncle. The fuselage halves fit very well with minor sanding. Masking of the canopies and turrets took the better part of a day!
  4. I agree. After perusing this forum for the last month, I am very impressed with the quality of work displayed on ARC. There are some real masterpieces! I am building a Canadair Sabre as a memento of my father-in-law who passed away last year. I am sure that there are a ton of people out there in the same situation, who would cherish one of these labours of love as a keepsake of a loved one. When I consider that, as an IT guy, I was getting paid $40/hour to fix people's computers, the skill involved in building these kits is more demanding (in my humble opinion). If I were being paid at my old
  5. Canopy glue? Is there a specific brand you use? I was considering using some of that clear tacky stuff you see on magazines that have CD/DVD's attached to the cover. Thanks, man. BD
  6. Yikes. I'd be interested in seeing what progress you've made. Your fort build was fantastic. Any pics of the Sabre in progress? thanks BD (another Don )
  7. That's looking great, Seb! Is the canopy glued on or just temporarily attached? I am getting close to paint on my Sabre build and, since the finished product will have an open canopy, I am wondering how people temporarily affix them. BD
  8. Yay!! :nanner: My decals have finally arrived. The first batch got lost in the mail and Dave at Leading Edge sent me another at no charge. Many thanks, Dave!!
  9. I just saw a documentary entitled "Spitfire Sisters" on EQHD a couple days ago. It was all about the ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary) in Britain during WWII. I quote... "In late 1939, Commander Pauline Gower MBE was given the task of organising the women's section of the civilian organisation known as the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). There were 166 women pilots (one in eight of the entire service) who volunteered from Britain, the Commonwealth (Canada, New Zealand and South Africa), United States, the Netherlands, Poland and one from Chile. Fifteen lost their lives in the air, including the Br
  10. Well, for better or worse, here is my finished gunbay. I had a lot of challenges with glue on this, trying to find something that would work. Finally settled on Loctite Super Glue Gel.
  11. Ditto! I have been as impressed with the photography skills on this forum as I have with the modelling skills.
  12. Great build!! He attacked 50 Zeros singlehandedly???!!
  13. LOL. Geez, that happened in my hometown and I never heard about it????? Amazing flying.
  14. I never really understood how small this was until I saw this pic... Amazing job!!!! :worship:
  15. Beautifully done!! Congratulations! :thumbsup:
  16. Hi Mike, Welcome back to cyber-space. The wing gap wasn't too bad and didn't take too much filler. Thanks for your kind comments and suggestions. I made more progress on the gun bay today but am having a heck of a time finding the right combination of glue and material for the wiring. BD
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