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  1. Looking very good, Seb. So, does everyone prime before painting? I am getting close to paint on my F-86 build and have never used an airbrush before. What do you use as a primer? Can I paint without priming? Thanks for any guidance here. Don aka BD
  2. Hi all, I am working on a Kinetic 1/32nd Canadair F-86 Sabre and would like to detail one of the gun bays. Does anyone have any close-ups they can share? many thanks. BD
  3. it's been bugging me that the instrument panel is set back from the front of the cockpit and all that Eduard detail is hidden. After looking at the Milberry book, I found that there is no "overhang" above the panel like there is on the Kinetic kit. A little trimming with the old Xacto knife and some flat black touchup and it looks a lot better... Also, does anyone have any close-ups of the gun bays on the F-86? I am thinking about leaving one of the access panels off and detailing one of the bays. Thanks! BD
  4. Welcome back to modelling. Like you I have started again after many, many years away from it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do again! BD
  5. That looks great! I especially like the pilot's seat, Pete.
  6. Glued the wings on last night. Some pretty big gaps... So, more filling and sanding. This sure can get tedious Good thing I am retired now.
  7. What a rush! That male was huge!
  8. Excellent job!!! One of my favorite warbirds! :thumbsup:
  9. I agree with pretty much everything IrishGreek says above though there were just too many planes in the sky at times, even for a warbird nut like, lol. I went to see a "private screening" of it last night (IOW, I was the only person in the theatre!).
  10. Thank you, gentlemen. If there is one thing you earn with old age, it is patience.
  11. Thanks, guys. I got started on some sub-assembly last night. Gotta get some decals ordered from Hannant's today. BD
  12. I just received this copy of the Loss Report filed on this incident. To me, this is truly gripping stuff.
  13. Holy crap! I don't know whether to thank you or curse you for making me feel so inadequate.LOL. BD
  14. I have recently been talking to a friend of my dad's who was a tail gunner for RAF 300 Squadron (Polish). Sam, a Flight/Sgt in the RCAF, was transferred from 626 Sqn to 300 Sqn in June 1944 to help bring their numbers back up to fighting strength after heavy losses. His was one of the first British & Commonwealth crews to join 300 Sqn. On July 24th, his a/c LM-178, BH-U "Uncle" (nicknamed "Luck of the Irish") took off at 8:37 PM from Faldingworth for a bombing mission on Stuttgart. It was his 10th mission since his transfer and most of the crew's 18th mission overall. Over France, they wer
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