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  1. I am new to the forum and building my first kit in 50 years. Macro "anything" was unheard of the last time I did. All I can say is "Hallelujah!" to the Internet, digital cameras and online forums!! Those small, detailed pics of other people's builds have been a huge help to me. Keep them coming!! BD
  2. I have been busy filling and sanding the last few days. The air intake in particular has a very bad joint with the front cowling. It took a lot of filler. After a ton of sanding, this is how it came out. I put a couple coats of flat aluminum on it to highlight any problems. It's a nice smooth seam now, :)
  3. Great job! I am working on a 1/32 Kinetic Sabre at this very moment. Inspiring work.
  4. Oops. Good catch. LM178 was what I meant to say. I also got Sam's last name wrong (I am definitely having a senior day). It is Dunseith. He is listed as KIA on the PolishSquadronRemembered site, but let me assure you he is still very much alive. Thanks! BD (Boy, nothing gets by you guys, does it? LOL)
  5. Haha. I noticed the gun barrels in your photos but didn't have the heart to say anything. Good catch! Thanks for the tips!! Don
  6. Chuck, First of all, my condolences on the loss of your uncle. These fantastic men are almost all gone and it saddens me to no end. Second, your fantastic build has inspired me to get started on a 1/72 Hasegawa Lanc. I am fortunate to have become acquainted with one of my dad's friends, F/Sgt.Sam Dunseith, who along with my father, served for the RCAF in WWII. Sam was a tail gunner on Lancaster FM-178, BH-U, which was shot down by a German night fighter in July 1944. He and one other crewman bailed out and escaped capture while the rest of the crew were KIA. I will be dedicating this build t
  7. Hi Mark, Just found your build thread. Great job on the Sabre! The picture of A/C 510 above jogged my memory and, when looking through my father-in-law's flight log, I found the following entry for Nov. 15-17,1957... He flew this exact aircraft on several other occasions as well. Thanks for posting this picture. It helps build the repertoire I am using for my Sabre Mk VI build of A/C 534 HERE. BD
  8. Looks like you could add a drop-in shelf in your box and double up on your models too .
  9. This is the same info that I have read. They had just moved from North Africa and it would have been quite a "stretch" for them to "clear the beaches of Normandy". Terence Howard was talking out of his arse, IMHO. In any event, I will still go see the movie, propeller head that I am, LOL.
  10. Well, after dry-fitting the cockpit, it appears that the Eduard instrument panel is too wide and causing quite a gap. It turns out that the panel is also too tall. It was being forced back towards the pilot seat when putting the fuselage halves together. So, some whittling and filing is in order.
  11. Thanks. Mike. Yeah, it's been that long. I've done a ton of preparation and reading and had a lot of help from guys like you...and I'm taking it very slow, lol. Plus, I have a lot of experience in the art field as well, which has helped. This is a scan of the type of pen and ink drawings I used to do.
  12. A couple more pics. Better one of the instrument panel... And one of (what I assume is) the headrest handle. (sorry for the fuzzy shots)
  13. Well, the Eduard Cockpit set finally came in and I have been going blind attaching all of these tiny parts. I have never used photo-etched parts before so this was a real learning experience for me. I am pretty happy with the results. What do you experts think?
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