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  1. We have a bunch of 1/72 kits in our gift shop at the hangar that aren't moving. I guess kids just aren't building them any more. Anyway, i decided to bring this one home, build it and then see if it would sell. It's from the Academy T6G Texan kit and I built it in the same livery as our 1954 Harvard IV, CF-VIJ, RCAF s/n 20382.
  2. Whenever I look at black & white images such as this one, I compare the colors that I know. For example, in the above pic, we know the roundel colors are red, white, blue and yellow. Comparing the white in the roundel to the squadron codes, my immediate feeling is that they are white also. The serial number is definitely a different hue/tone than all of the others so my guess is that it would be grey. One thing I find over and over again is that, whatever the "official" colors were supposed to be, some squadrons always seemed to do what they felt like, or, at the very least, used whatever
  3. My partner, Rob, who is building the ground scene of the diorama has done up a wireframe representation of the final product. Lots of work ahead of us!
  4. Welcome back, Chuck! Glad to hear your foot is healing. Nice work!! DC
  5. Many thanks to master modeller Chuck540z3 for his donation of a 1/48 aircrew sprue from a Lancaster kit!! And further thanks to Steve F from the Lancaster Facebook page who has supplied the correct serial numbers and markings for both Lancasters that flew on April 29, 1945, as well as the name of the Aussie pilot who flew the second Lanc. "Details taken from the 101 Sqdn ORB of April 1945- The only two lancs and pilots to take part were F/S R F UPCOTT who flew NV579......P/O P G L Collett flew PB350.....Colletts service number was A424149......UPCOTT dropped 274 bags of food and COLLETT drop
  6. Well, I have already had to make some alterations to the diorama plan to be historically accurate. After finding excerpts from several other of the crew's logbooks, including pilot Bob Upcott's, it turns out they were in fact flying a different Lancaster than their usual bird, SR-N2. Four of the five logs I have seen list SR-I as the Lanc flown on the mission. The logbook image I posted earlier is from the rear gunner's log. He is the only one to list SRN2 as the a/c they flew that day so I have to assume he made an error. So, more research is required to find the serial number of that aircraf
  7. I've got two F14-A kits, (Hasegawa and Italeri) if they are close enough? Not with Jolly Roger decals though. BD
  8. Well, not really. Here is an actual Mossie wing under construction at our hangar. Quite a bit different. I am surprised that a 1/32 kit wouldn't at least have separate engine nacelles. Rather disappointing IMHO. BD
  9. Interested in a 1/48 Monogram EA-6B Prowler, still in shrinkwrap? Don
  10. Hi Chuck, So glad to have found this WIP. I always enjoy and appreciate your builds, especially your tutorials and tips on the different techniques you use. They are much appreciated. Now, correct me if I am wrong but is this brake line not in the wrong portion of the wheel? I believe it should be in the center section of the wheel not the outer section. The brakes would last about 3 seconds once the tires turned and snapped the brake line off. Cheers. Don
  11. Hi Gang, I need a couple aircrew for my Operation Manna dio which I am working on for the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association display area. I am willing to buy, sell or trade for these. Anybody with bits left over from a Tamiya 1/48 Lanc build? Thanks!! Don
  12. Hi Mike! Thanks for looking in. It's been a while and I have missed this place and the fine people like yourself who hang out here. Thanks for the suggestion too. Cheers, Don
  13. These are the two kits I will be using in the diorama. The USAirfix kit seems to be a pretty good one, with fairly good fit between the parts and comes with 5 crew members. It has moving turrets, ailerons and rudders. I will have to cut the bomb bay doors open though.
  14. Have you been on the Warbird Information Exchange forum? This may be the ideal place to set up a sub-forum for your idea. It's a great and knowledgeable bunch of warbird fanatics.
  15. I belong to a Facebook group about the Lancaster Bomber (well, actually it is one of many that I belong to re the Lanc) and despite the appearance of the occasional new bit of info, the "signal-to-noise ratio" as Steve N so aptly put it, is nearly unacceptable. I recommend that you follow this forum for a few days to understand what we are saying...The Lancaster Bomber. I love your idea but having it on a public forum such as Faecesbook could be a real challenge IMHO. BD
  16. I am in for September with a JU88-G Nachtjager. It's been on the shelf and in the back of my mind way too long! :) BD
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