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  1. Some reference photos. Bad Penny enroute to Holland in April 1945... Pre-mission.... Rear gunner's logbook entry....
  2. Boy, those are some nasty fit issues. Not impressed with the quality of the Academy kit. Nice job so far! BD
  3. Ditto! Great job so far. Looking forward to seeing more! BD
  4. The link to your planning page isn't working. I would like to vote for your GB. BD
  5. Thanks for your comments, David. That is a great point about the detail of the background aircraft. I actually am planning to use an old USAirfix kit for the 1/72 scale Lanc. It is a much less detailed kit than the Tamija 1/48 kit that will be in the foreground. Using lighter colours is also a great idea. I am building both aircraft kits so will be able to compare them side by side as the project progresses. Thanks again! Don
  6. Hi Folks, It's been a while since I have been active on here but just been too busy with the restoration of Lanc FM212 in Windsor at the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association hangar.I have been asked to put together a diorama for one of our display areas, specifically one of Operation Manna. For those who don't know about it, this op began on April 29, 1945, as a humanitarian mission to save the people of Holland who were starving by the hundreds daily. The Germans had taken everything from them and, along with an extremely harsh winter, there was nothing left to live on. As the war was ne
  7. Wait, this is done???? I had it in my head that this ran until August. Please, someone say that this will be a permanent build. I feel like a total idiot coz my Spit Vb is still sitting unfinished on the workbench. An embarrassed BD.
  8. I love how, at the end of the article, you can "Click Here" and make your own suggestions. Gotta love an Air Farce with a sense of humour. GO RCAF!! :thumbsup:/> BD
  9. I hope he does well there. A great player with a huge heart who is long overdue for a Stanley Cup ring. BD
  10. I haven't seen this mentioned but are Bomber Command aircraft with Aussie or NZ crews/crew members included in this? I recently finished researching a Wellington crew that was lost over Holland in '41 and want to do a kit in their memory. Their pilot was an Aussie. Thx. BD
  11. Very nicely done, MikeC! Love the colour scheme. I have one of these on the shelf awaiting my attention. If you don't mind some mild criticism regarding the exhaust staining...due to the positioning of the outboard engines and wing dihedral, there was usually little to no exhaust staining on top of the wing on the outboard side of the outer engine nacelles. Airflow drove it almost completely underneath. I don't have a photo of an actual Lanc handy but this is a good indication of what I mean. I hope you take this in the spirit it was given. I love what you have done with your build. Chee
  12. Fantastic finished product and a great build thread!! Thanks Chuck! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  13. Nice to see you working on this again, Ian! Don
  14. Hey Mike! Great job on another Sabre (as always)!! How many is that now? Cheers, Don
  15. My family is originally from Norway so I'm happy.."yaw shoor, yoo betcha!"
  16. I am having a "senior" morning. It's not the Stirling but the Shackleton that has interchangeable wheels , tires and undercarriage (as well as the Lincoln). My apologies for the mistake. Don
  17. Armoryman, The wheels (and undercarriage) for the Short Stirling and Lancaster were and still are interchangable. I know this because we are trying to find some for our Lancaster restoration project, lol. As for crew gear, to my understanding most RAF crew did not wear their parachutes (they clipped on) while on-board as they were too difficult to move around in. There are stowage points all around the Lanc where they hung their chutes. As for pictures, check this out... Lancaster crew Hope this helps Don
  18. Awesome!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  19. LOL. Exactly what I was thinking. Looking great Alf! :thumbsup:
  20. Meh. Nothing that every red-blooded Canadian doesn't know. Most of us live in them up here, eh. <jk, btw>
  21. Nice work, phantom. Love the Lanc especially. Here's my finished 434 Sqn. Sword. My father-in-law performed a textbook dead-stick landing on Sept. 19, 1957 in this aircraft after a flame-out and electrical failure at 35,000 feet. RIP Larry.
  22. Big Daddy

    Formula 1 2012

    He's an amazing driver. The guy just rubs me the wrong way.
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