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  1. On Sunday, as my band was setting up for an outdoor gig, five Harvard trainers flew over in formation at about 1000'. It was an awesome moment. Must have been on their way home from Thunder Over Michigan.
  2. Here is some info that I have found... ASN Wikibase Occurrence # 116794 Date: 17-SEP-1944 Time: Type: Republic P-47D Thunderbolt Operator: United States Army Air Force (USAAF) Registration: 42-74776 C/n / msn: Fatalities: Fatalities: / Occupants: Airplane damage: Written off (damaged beyond repair) Location: Lake Huron, 1 mi N & 3 mi E Sturgeon Pt,MI - United States of America Phase: Nature: Military Departure airport: Destination airport: Narrative: Crashed. Sources: http://www.aviationarchaeology.com/src/db.asp
  3. I was visiting my family near Sarnia, Ontario last weekend when they told me about a local discovery in Lake Huron just north of town. Two local girls went for a swim and found this piece of metal from a P-47 cowl assembly in the sand just below the surface. It is in amazing shape. No further word on whether a search for more parts is forthcoming. Found another pic from the Sarnia Observer article...Observer story
  4. hey Mike, Thanks a bunch for your kind comments. Hope you had a great vacation! Cheers, Don
  5. Thanks for your comments, David! Don
  6. Yup. England, Ireland and Scotland. We have two weeks from Sept. 1-16th so it looks like timing is poor for the Airshow. Fingers crossed for better weather. Don
  7. My first model aircraft build in almost 50 years, a Hasegawa 1:72 Lancaster Mk.!. It is a tribute to my dad's (and my) friend Sam, who was the rear gunner in RAF 300 Sqn Lancaster BH-U "Uncle". They were shot down by Major Paul Semrau of NJGII on the night of July 24/25, 1944 near Orleans, France. Only Sam and two others survived.
  8. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. And, I am really looking forward to visiting your fair land this September! Don
  9. I decided to do a bit more weathering on the Lanc before I give it to Sam. I used chalk pastel dust and a small brush to highlight the panel lines. Please give feedback, positive or negative. Thanks! BD
  10. Well, it has been a long time coming, but this build is finally finished. With the advent of summer and spending long hours working on the restoration of Lancaster FM212, it has been a challenge finding time for modelling, but, tonight I put the finishing touches on LM178. Some of you sharp-eyed rivet counters will note that the serial number reads LM179. That is in deference to my friend Sam, the rear gunner and only surviving member of U-Uncle. His memory isn't the best any more and he is adamant that LM179 is the correct serial. Rather than shove all the evidence in his face and make a scen
  11. Couldn't have said it better! Thanks!!! BD
  12. Cockpit 360 just published a free update for this for the i*Pad. It is optimized for the bigger screen with a better user interface. I am loving this app even more now. :thumbsup: Cheers, BD
  13. I feel your pain, man. The arrival of summer and it's associated activities has put a serious kink in my modelling time. Remember, this is a hobby, meant to be enjoyed at your leisure. The mojo will return. Cheers,BD
  14. These are of outstanding quality and have some great technical reference merit as well for us modellers. "This is a rare and fabulous series of pictures shot on Kodachrome sheet film (4x5 inches) and is of exceptional quality shot in 1942. It also captures a slice of life we will never see again...when an entire country was behind a war effort. I also had no idea that Kodachrome was ever available in any size other than 35mm film due to the complex processing process it required. It makes this series all the more significant. Note that all the images are still-lifes where no motion was taking
  15. Great list! Most are included in my favorites as well. I would add: Generation Kill (HBO mini-series) The Pacific ( " " " ) Piece of Cake (BBC mini-series) Midway Enemy At The Gates
  16. Thanks for your comments, gents.
  17. OK, that makes much more sense. Someone over at the hangar was referring to it as a turbo and I just went with that. I am, obviously, not an engine mechanic, lol. Thanks! BD
  18. I dropped by the #7 Elementary Flying Training School hangar yesterday to take some pix of the Packard Merlin engines on Lanc FM212, which we are in the process of restoring. It was a very hot, hazy Sunday and there was virtually no one there, just a couple of CH2A members, hanging around in case any visitors dropped by. I have only been volunteering on the project for about three months now but have found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Of the almost 7500 Avro Lancasters produced during WWII, only sixteen remain on the planet. Only two are flying, one of which, FM2
  19. Yes, my day was noticably duller without my ARC fix.
  20. You know, I think you are right. Everything I have read about the Merlin states that it has a 2-stage supercharger at the back of the engine, nothing about a turbo. This a/c flew aerial photo mapping missions in the Arctic for many years (up until 1962) so it is possible that the turbos were an RCAF adaptation after the war. I will look into it. Thanks for the heads-up. BD
  21. Agreed! HOLMES always has something positive and uplifting to say with every post. Hey HOLMES, my wife and I are coming to the UK in September. Wanna meet?
  22. The only "modern" aircraft are the Phantom, Blackbird, Mig 29 and A-10, so far.
  23. Have you downloaded and installed the Win7 64-bit drivers for your network card, video card, and any other hardware devices?
  24. Well, since I got zero feedback on this, I decided to splurge the $5.99 and downloaded this app to my iDevice. And I am not the least bit sorry. It has 360 degree cockpit views for the P51-B/D. P38. P40. Hurri, Spit, Bf109, Me262, He-111, B17-F/G, B25, B29, B52, Mig 15, F-89, and more. You can zoom in on all of them to get fantastic detail. Many of the bombers have nose, waist and radio room panoramas as well. This was definitely 6 bucks well-spent. I highly recommend it. BD
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