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  1. It's a nice day for a trip over to #7 E.F.T.S. hangar so here are pics from both starboard engines from FM212 (one has the turbo removed). To my knowledge, they have well over 2000 hours on them so they have been re-built at least a couple times in their life. Hope this helps. If there is a particular angle or close-up you want, let me know.
  2. I agree. We have four Packard Merlin engines in various stages of dis-assembly at CH2A from Lancaster FM212 and they are all basically black, except for the big brass turbos on the front. We have one fully assembled and mounted on a frame, Chuck, and I can take a few pics for you on Tueday night if you like. This is an original, unaltered engine, built in 1945 in Detroit. BD
  3. This looks like it could be a useful reference tool. Has anyone tried it yet? Cockpit 360 in the App Store BD
  4. Count me in (subscribed to thread). Absolutely loved your Lanc thread, Chuck, and I love Mustangs too. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  5. Wonderful job by everyone involved. Thanks especially to everybody who made me feel so welcome in my first GB.
  6. Congratulations to everyone! Some beautiful work here in the last 2 pages. :thumbsup:
  7. Hi Mike, Thanks for checking in! Hopefully I will be making better progress on the Sword now that some other things are out of the way. Cheers, BD
  8. That's awesome, Barney. You must have some great stories! My F-I-L always spoke of his time in Europe as "the glory days" and then he would get a far-away smile on his face. Thanks for dropping in. BD
  9. Thanks, Pete. Yes, it will be done and I will keep the thread updated. I used the Model Master RAF P.R.U. Blue through the Paasch airbrush you see in the background. I really like the matte finish too. BD
  10. Well, despite my best intentions, I will just not be able to get this done by the deadline for the GB. Bummer. Anyhoo, here are some updated pics. Got the PRU Blue sprayed and next is masking for the camo.
  11. When I went up last summer, we were sitting with the bomb bay doors open, even during engine run-up. I was in the jump-seat behind the co-pilot during take-off and the sound and smell of those big radial engines firing up was a thrilling experience. I am 6'2" and 185 lbs and it was a tight squeeze for me to walk through the bomb bay to get to the cockpit/nose area. The doors were closed once we began to taxi. BD
  12. I got my ride in the Lady last summer. One of the coolest things I have ever done in my 61 years on the planet. I managed to wind up in the bombardier's seat for the landing and it was totally awesome. You will love it!!!
  13. Fantastic job!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  14. I am also in the "Spit, Mustang, Constellation" camp. I also love the Mossie, the Lancaster, B-17, Sabre, Tiger Moth, Sopwith Camel....oh hell, I love them all.
  15. Looking real good, Quiddy!. I finally got into the Mossie room on the weekend. Unfortunately, the cockpit is gutted and all the parts stored on shelves for later re-build. Not much help, sorry. BD
  16. Yikes! I gotta get crackin'! Thanks for the nudge, Pete. BD
  17. Dude, that's nuthin. I was running a blade along a straightedge and forgot to pull my index finger back far enough. My first clue that something was wrong was when an 1/8" chunk landed on my workbench. Now that smarted....but not as much as the needle the doc stuck in the end of my finger to freeze it for stitches. My eyes still water up just thinking about it.
  18. OK, Chuck, I'll play. I worked in the IT field for the last 15 or so years. During the Y2K turmoil, we had a baffling network issue and I was the one who solved the problem. Our director at the time made the comment, "Well, aren't you the big daddy of the team?" Everyone else thought that was hilarious coz I was also the "senior" member of the group, age-wise. So it stuck. I use it on all the guitar and car forums I belong to as well. Interestingly, I was a huge Big Daddy Roth fan when I was a kid and built several "Ratfink" models. Ain't life funny that way? My avatar is the badge/logo of t
  19. I have the same kit which I am doing in RCAF markings. I won't need the US decals. PM me with your mailing address. BD
  20. Great job. This a/c holds a special place in my heart as my grandpa had an Anson fuselage on his farm in Saskatchewan. Every year when I was a boy we would go to visit and I would spend most of my time crawling around inside it, pretending to be a pilot/bombardier/gunner. Thanks for the memories!
  21. For me, it was a couple of kits that brought me back to modelling at the age of 62, both of them Christmas gifts from my wife and sister-in-law. The first was from my wife about 6 years ago, after I saw our local Lancaster bomber be brought down off its pedestal in Jackson Park and rolled into a local hangar to be restored. The kit languished on the shelf until this spring when I officially retired (after being downsized) and I met a friend of my dad's, Sam, who was an RCAF rear gunner in Lanc LM178 in WWII and was shot down in the summer of 1944. His story fired me up to, first, get off my
  22. Have you seen the memorial page here? Church of St. Leonard Looks like it was a MK I as it had the earlier Merlin 22 engines. Lancaster HK773 Information: "Serial range HK535 - HK806 This aircraft was one of 200 Lancasters ordered from Vickers Armstrongs (Castle Bromwich) as Mk.11s in Sep42 and changed to Mk.111s Feb43, but built as Mk.1s from Oct43 to Feb45. Up to HK773 had Merlin 22 engines initially installed, all subsequent aircraft Merlin 24 engines." Lancaster production at Castle Bromwich Hope this helps. BD
  23. I have a 1/32nd Spit Vb waiting in the wings to be built as a Malta Spitfire, flown by RCAF ace George "Buzz" Buerling.. Any pics you have would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!! BD
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