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  1. Awesome!!! I love it! :thumbsup: BD
  2. Sorry, the Mossie room was locked up tight last night. I will see what I can find on the weekend. BD
  3. Here is a link to a short video of the pilot, Don Schofield, describing the "incident". Seems like it is being turned into a bigger deal than it really was. Pilot and crew handled this very professionally. Mynarski Lanc Wingtip Incident
  4. We are building a Mossie at the Canadian Historical Aircraft Assoc. here in Windsor. I will take my camera over on Tuesday when I volunteer and see if I can get some pics for you. BD
  5. Wow. Looking forward to seeing this to completion. I just finished a 1/72nd Has. Lanc and have a 1/48th Revell in the stash. Keep up the good work man! BD
  6. Mike, The restoration of FM212 is moving along. We have just about finished re-skinning the wingtips, hopefully the engines will be shipped off sometime soon to Jack Rausch in Detroit for re-building, and, now that the weather is warmer, we will probably be finishing the paint removal on the fuselage. You can keep up to with progress at the CHAA Facebook page here... Canadian Historical Aircraft Association Thanks! BD
  7. It's real close, Pete. I have a little more weathering to do and am waiting for a custom nose art decal to finish it off. Thanks for asking. BD
  8. Hi Mike, Yeah, it's good to be back working on this build. The Lancaster build (both 1/72nd and the full-size one) have been taking up all my time. Regarding the Sabre gunsight, the b/w photo of the one in the Milberry book is definitely not black. One can see that the surface its mounted on is definitely black, while other parts look to be NMF or grey. It is a different shade, darker than NMF but obviously a lighter colour than black. I had to assume that it was interior green. One can only guess. Thanks for the input though. Don
  9. A couple pics of the new gunsight, referenced form page 233/4 of the Milberry book. Not sure about the colour 'coz it was a black and white pic.
  10. Look what's back on the bench! I can't believe it's been 2 months since I worked on the Sabre. :wacko: Anyhow, time to get focused on this build again. First order of business, fixing this feeble gunsight. There are some extra pieces that don't belong, so, once I cut them off, I will have to fabricate some better ones. Starting from a clean slate... More to follow. BD
  11. Ha Ha!! Love the potty! (Or as you Brits call it, the WC).
  12. Beautiful Texan!!! This may be a stupid question but are the AT-6 and the Harvard related? (Edit: never mind, I just googled it.) BD
  13. That B-17 is fabulous, Don!!!! Love the weathering especially. And another great Sabre from Mike!! BD
  14. Great job, Mike!! You are setting the bar pretty high! :thumbsup: Don
  15. Exactly what I am thinking. Truly stunning work, Vacinotac. I wish I was a little birdie looking over your shoulder while you built this beauty. :worship:
  16. Those are fantastic, Tony!! Thanks for sharing. As an aside, I had the privilege of sitting in the pilot's seat of Lanc FM212 for a few minutes today. Her restoration continues and the pace is picking up as the weather improves. BD
  17. Beautiful work!! :thumbsup:
  18. Awesome. My wife and I are coming over to the UK in September. We will have to add this to our itinerary.
  19. Thanks a lot, Mike. I got a coat of Future on her today. The end is in sight! Next, decals and a little weathering. This a/c only had 78 hours of summer operational time on it when it was shot down so it shouldn't have been too beat up by the elements.
  20. You've got enough there to stage a pretty good-sized raid on London.
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