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  1. Brady? MVP? Who chooses this and were they watching the same game I did. Julian Edelman should have been.....
  2. Thank you for the very kind comments! I do like the idea of using undercoats to create varying shades and sheens of the aluminum skin. I am not having real good luck masking the Alclad. No matter how much I detack the tape I seem to have problems with minor blemishes left on the Alclad....minor so far, but they are there. So creating different looks with the undercoats really keeps the masking to a minimum. That said I did mask and paint the ETO wing bands.
  3. Not CO2, but I pulled out of retirement from my racing days, one of these. I have been using it for the past few weeks, and I love it. Plumbed a regulator in it, and if need be I can put an inline water trap....so far havent needed it at all. I can spray several colors on one filling, and when it gets low, just head to the garage and refill. My garage/shop compressor has a big tank and will fill this probably 6 times before ever having to flip the compressor on. I was contemplating doing something along CO2, when I remembered about my old racing tank.
  4. HOLMES!!!!!! Thank you for the great comment. & Joel, thank you as well for the look and the compliment. I am more and more impressed with this little old kit. Its no Tamiya, but for a quick build that looks the part, it surely fits the bill. Its biggest downfall for the type of build I am doing is the fitment of the landing gear doors. Both the main and tail gear doors are made to swing open and close with the action of the landing gear when built OOB. To facilitate that they are made with quite substantial gaps and large hinges that protrude from the fuselage. For this build I did my best to fill the gaps and remove the offending hinges. I have one more of these in the stash and two of the Phantom Mustangs. My plan for those is one Phantom Mustang to be built OOB, but the other I would like to eventually build with a lot of scratch built framework and details. I have seen one with the framework from the new ZM kit shoehorned in, it was quite impressive....dont know that I would go quite that far, but that would be the idea. Photographing this NMF has been quite a struggle as it is hard to give a good all around representation of what is shiny and what is dull and what is in between for the panel shades. My thought process was that the panels that may have been annealed and formed in my opinion would have been duller in sheen. And the flat cladding that would have been just sheared to shape and then riveted in place (ie: sides of the fuselage, sides of the tail ect.) would probably be the shiniest. Other more easier formed panels would probably fall somewhere in between....at least this is my take. So its that theory that prompted my map of undercoats. I like the results, but may in fact change up a few things on future builds. I have been having a hard time photographing exactly what my eyes see when I look at the model and see that the sides in fact have the most reflectivity. Here is another quick shot, I have been chipping away at small details and hope to have the ETO black stripes painted within the next few days. The goal is an early yellow nose Mustang. P-51D-5-NA, 44-13708, B7-I, 8th Air Force, 361st Fighter Group, 374th Fighter Squadron, Bottisham. "Duchess of Manhattan" Capt. Henry B Lederer, Bridgeport CT, 92 Missions, 305 Combat Hours Thanks again for looking in....its greatly appreciated
  5. That is some amazing paint work. Great job on the fading.
  6. And after some drying time, Ive applied the wing roundels, and OD glare shield paint. The area around the exhausts it coated with 115 Stainless Steel. And this is where things stand right now. I have a couple of stalled out 1/24 Mustangs, and this is to get the old modeling mojo back, and also in preparation for doing natural metal finishes on those builds. With any luck, the bigger scale will allow this to look even better. So far pretty happy with the outcome. Thanks for looking in, and hope for a few more updates over the next few days.
  7. More photos and progress... Nearly ready to start buttoning up the wings and fuselage. All closed up and nearly ready to start figuring out the paint work. Also I have made a stand that will put the plane in flight and in a left bank. Also thought I would try a technique of masking off some stripes to simulate the fabric on the rudder and elevators. So, to progress with my getting familiar with Alclad, I thought I would paint a test panel using different types of basecoats and some of the different shades of Alclad. I used some black and grey sandable primer, some gloss black and gloss white spray lacquer and some satin champagne as under coats. In a 90 degree pattern I sprayed from left to right, Alclad Chrome, Polished Aluminum, Airframe Aluminum, Aluminum, Duraluminum, Semi Matte Aluminum, and Stainless. I then, on a few select tints, sprayed some gloss clear to see what kind of effect that would have on the color and sheen. Here is the outcome. I then, drew up a map of the Mustang, and went about choosing the base coats and tints and where they would go to simulate different panels. Wings painted to represent the Aluminized Varnish (using a gloss white undercoat, 116 Semi Matte Aluminum Alclad, and a gloss clear) and the rest of the airframe base coats in place. And now Alclad 119 Airframe Aluminum sprayed over the balance of the airframe. I am relying on the basecoats to create different sheens and tints. Bit more to come in a few...
  8. ...Seems I posted this in the wrong spot previously... Well its been a long time since I have posted here, but I have been trudging away on a build that I thought I would share here. The kit is the ancient Monogram F-51D. Its the same kit as the clear Phantom Mustang minus the stand and all its innerworkings. The kit still retains its movable landing gear, and releasing bombs. The kit is also fitted with the Hamilton Standard cuffless propeller. For my build I thought I would back date the aircraft to a WW2 P-51D-5NA, and build it as a very early D with no dorsal fin fillet. Also put it in flight on a stand with gear up. I pulled from the stash a cuffed Hamilton Standard prop, and figured I would do some work in the cockpit. But, my primary goal for this kit is a test bed for and natural metal finished Mustang using Alclad paints. So that actually is my primary focus, though building this old kit should be fun. So without further to do, here are a few quick pics of the progress on the kit. Here is the old and tattered boxing for the kit. The basic big chunks of the kit. The shape is not bad. Wing profile may be a bit off, and the guns are molded a bit outboard. Also the H-stab is mounted in a bit of an odd way, but all in all I really like the kit. Raised panel lines and rivets are molded in the kit. First order of business was to give the wings a good smoothing treatment, one of the perks of raised detail....no putty required. Also started on adding some detail to the cockpit. Also fabricated a wing spar to give everything some strength and shape. Also opened up the shell extraction chutes in a more accurate fashion. Painted and detailed cockpit, used the kit instrument panel and started assembling the new prop. More to come...thanks for looking in...
  9. Moved to In Progress My link
  10. Finished up!!!!! Display Case for more completed photos....LINK
  11. Just finished this up. First RAF aircraft for me, and first time using a gloss coat prior to applying decals. Here is the build thread. LINK Thanks for looking in....
  12. Update as this is done. Thanks for looking in. I really like these Airfix kits, even with all of their problems, and they look great on the shelf. First time using a gloss coat prior to decaling. Decals done and cleared with Testors Dull-coat. Finalizing up the cockpit. Landing gear done, next up is gun bays and a few more detail.
  13. Finally drug this ol' Mustang out, and plastered some paint on it...
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