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  1. worse men remain, yet you got pegged

  2. there is so much truth in that.... that seems to be the single biggest lasting tradition
  3. Ha, in that case you need to make a choice between modeling and driving. I can't let you do both ;) !
  4. caffeine and booze.... just need to be able to remember to shut off the air compressor
  5. Ah the Saints. There will only be one 2010 ;) Nice area
  6. Well if you're out in the middle of the country where a bunch of pickups are already on station looking for customers, then it still would be quicker to call Bubba than calling any sportster from the nearest city to come give you a ride.
  7. I would love one of these for personal transportation.
  8. Exactly. This returns us to my point about being able to pick precision targets for pilots to aim at. Pave Penny obviously wasn't the best system, but it was light and plentiful. One of it's weaknesses is the Pave Penny didn't allow pilots to designate their own targets for guided weapons release. Pave Penny allowed pilots to find targets for GBUs to home onto or AGM-65s they could aim by themselves, but modern pilots use their own pods to redesignate targets picked up from ground designators. The tablet model is really cool, but it's not worth throwing all our resources behind a single high-t
  9. I tried making one out of milli put but I was very far off. LMK if you manage to make an extra or get a mold. I think many of naval aviation enthusiasts would appreciate one of these. We also need to do the arm.
  10. True, but the Pave Penny gave the Hawg some ability to act within the environment it was designed for: identification, tasking, etc. It's not the whole package like we'd expect today, but 1970s it's kind of remarkable
  11. It's actually not a worthless statement to say that the coming IR systems must work with the whole package because we developed past systems for legacy aircraft that made production, only for the IR system to be removed at a later date. So many systems come to mind here... Now the PCAS stuff is pretty cool... reminds me of some of the tablets our people used last decade. But we must also be prepared for cyber attacks that disable such systems. If an advancement can be thought of, then a counter to it is right around the corner. In some ways it's nice to have less reliance on lasers because th
  12. Whoa there nelly, nobody said anything was wrong; only that an integrated system designed for the platform needs to serve (key word here, ahem) the F-35 better than a pod would, out of mercy for the tax payers. That doesn't mean the FLIR needs to out-LITENING the LITENING pod, that means it needs to do the best it can from within the whole package. Next thing: ground pointers aren't the preferred method for targeting. In current usage with the Marines, who are strong leaders in developing air-ground management, ground pointers initially aid in designating the general target, but the aviator
  13. No that's not what it sounds like. I'll stop there because we'll end up ahead if we don't continue down that path.
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