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  1. Here is my Large Superbug. Trumpeter 1:32 F/A-18E, there's over 700 parts in this beast :( I scratch built the IFR housing and canopy mirrors/handles. Otherwise its box stock with Fightertown decals. C &C welcomed
  2. Hi All, I'm after some photos showing what's inside the recess where the IFR probe pops on the starboard side just in front of the canopy on the F/A-18E SuperBug. Please help! Mike
  3. A rare foray into Sc-Fi for me! Finemolds 1/48 Rebel Alliance Snowspeeder, Incom modified T-47 Airspeeder. Weekend build, was an absolute breeze, almost snap-tite fit all round. The details are superb and a weathering dream. Overall paint Gunze H338 FS36495 Light Grey over a pre-shading of Tamiya XF-63 Weathering was... Panel wash using Paynes Grey oil paint with Humbrol thinners. Tamiya XF-25 Light Sea Grey Gunze H77 Tire Black Photos taken in the back garden as the diorama potential was too good to miss!
  4. Its taken me the best part of three months, but finally I have the F-22 Raptor finished. I added a lot of etched details from Eduard including weapons bays and pre-painted cockpit sets. The exterior set was almost next to useless as the panels that were to be fitted to the airframe looked way over sacele and stood to proud of the airframe surface and, if you look at the real aircraft, its very smooth overall - not too many raised panels lines at all! I used what was reasonably sensible from all the sets I had at my disposal. The etched crew ladder is a masterpiece and just needed VERY careful assembly/bending to achieve a delicate structure. If I hadn't added the etched stuff, it would have been a really speedy build as the fit is absolutely perfect all round with only one exception, the lower air intake joints needed a spot of filler to eliminate a slight step. The tricky part was replicating the slight metallic sheen that can be sen on the real thing. Its very subtle and only perceptable in certain lights and especially in bright sunlight. I used Hmbrol enamels 125 US Dark Grey, 126 US Medium Grey and 127 US Ghost Grey all mixed approx.70% paint to 30% Humbrol Polished Aluminium thinned with cellulose(lacquer) thinner which sprayed very nicely and achieved an effect that surpassed what I thought it would. Its probably far from accurate, but no references seem to really know what colours the Raptor is painted. And here is the finished result, the last three pictures I took in direct sunlight as it (sort of) shows the metallic sheen to effect. All comments and/or criticisms welcomed, as usual. Sunlight photos showing (I hope!) the metallic sheen...
  5. Thanks! The exhaust staining is indeed airbrushed on, using Tamiya acrylics. Colours used were Sky Grey, German Grey, Buff and Smoke.
  6. Thanks Gary. She'll be in a future edition of SAMI (Scale Aviation Modeller Int'l)
  7. Fiished this up this evening. Here are some snaps taken under workbench lighting, I'll get better shots in daylight when I can. Spada decals, Eduard seatstraps and napalm tanks from spares box. Xtracrylix and Tamiya paints with Alclad for chipped effect. Any questions?, feel free to ask/comment! Battered Bearcat(with chips!) I'm pleased with it, hope you all like it too!
  8. Thanks guys. Moritz, she'll have OOB markings for USN air reserve based at US Naval station Akron Ohia, 1951. More progress... Almost ready for primer and paint now. The fit of the gun bay doors left a little to be desired, but (hopefully) they'll be fine I'm sure, nothing some filler didn't sort out. Same applies to the fit of the inner and outer halves of the wings, hmmm... tricky fella. I reckon they should have moulded them open with a recess inside to cut them for folding if you so desire. The Hellcat I am building next will have wings folded I think. The (very flimsy) tail wheel assembly snapped off due to the handling incurred whilst reinstating rivets details and rescribing the oil cooler vents under the lower mid fuselage, not to mention the sanding etc. So I scratchbuilt a new stronger one out of copper wire and copper sheet. This should be better after some primer and paint. And finally, ...... she's got legs, and she knows how to use 'em! Very positive locations and easy to fit, as they are all the same colour as the fuselage it saves a lot of masking and messing about when it comes to paint. Notice also I sprayed the interior of the clear moulded cowling in neutral grey, it gives a lovely look from the outside too! Ahhh...now thats better! a couple of coats of Xtracrylix XA1121 Glossy Sea Blue FS15042 and she is beginning to look the part. Its so good, they should rename it Bearcat Blue All looks well, so I can get some Klear on now and get decalling.
  9. Mikeew

    Gray Matter

    Hi All, Not being to hot on the current US gray jets, I have some questions. The colours needed for the new Revell 1/72 F-22 Raptor are quoted in the instructions as : FS36375 Light Ghost Gray FS36251 Navy Aggressor Gray FS36176 Dark Grey This info I gleaned from the FSM painting/weathering special published July 2007. However, these are from a table of colours for "US Military colours 1955-2001" Being the Raptor is so new, are these colour quotes 1)relevant 2) correct? Also could anyone recommend a paint manufacturer for these colours? (acrylics) Is there anywhere on the internet where you can see colour chips and/or reference charts for FS No,'s cross referenced with model paints available? Many thanks from a Gray confused Mike
  10. Mikeew

    Bearcat help!

    many thanks guys, I'll add it then, seems a shame to leave it out as its nicely moulded.
  11. Mikeew

    Bearcat help!

    Hi all, Help and clarification please!!! Did all Bearcats have the head rest support fitted? In Trumpeters instructions, they say that part D9 is not for use? but every pcture i can find of the F8F-1 has this fitted? I'm no expert but I think its part of the armoured headrest? Its that big piece immediately aft of the headrest... Any help or insight gratefully received!! thanks, Mike
  12. The guns aren't that detailed at all, so I'll opt to keep it clean with gunbay doors closed and just fit them in for some rigidity when the wings go together On the undersides of the wings are bullet case ejector ports, or rather there should be. They are moulded in the correct positions inside the wings as recesses, but need drilling and filing out. To see where they go i held the wing up to the modelling lamp and it becomes clear.. I marked through the gunbays with the drill and then drilled out holes before slicing out the excess plastic and cleaning up the holes with a sharp scalpel blade. Though the wings are moulded in halves to allow the wing fold option, its tricky to line them up for the open wings option that I want (trust me to be awkward!) So I reckoned the solution was to tape them together on the outside top and bottom, then run liquid weld in the joint and leave til set. and.... Finally...FINALLY...something Bearcat shaped to show for my labours. The flaps and ailerons are drying hence the bulldog clips to keep them level. You can see top left, the clear cowling with the bottom piece moulded in grey. Weird idea if you ask me, if you're gonna make a clear cowling, why have the lower panel moulded in grey? never mind, ine will be painted anyhoo. The port wing looks grubby 'cos i was experimenting with paints, and its settled in the reccessed details where I sanded it back to try to reduce the effect of those darn rivets a bit. Should be on the home run now, just gotta clean up a few seams and then on with the primer and the undercarriage can be built.
  13. Thanks guys, I have more for ya... I have the exhausts fixed in and painted. I used Tamiya NATO Brown which is a pretty good match for burnt pipes - ish. They will need drilling out of course. All the interior subassemblies are in too, starting at the rear portion; the tail wheel assembly in, very neat way of assembling it i'd say... Next is the radio pack, whilst its basic, none of it can be seen once the fuselage is closed up so I didn't bother adding any more to it. The locations for it are positive nonethless! In front of the radio pack is the cockpit itself, which fits in a treat once joined up to the firewall section. The yellow oxygen tank can't be seen either once closed up, but its there now. each fuselage half has panels cut out so the firewall can be seen, i will close one up and have the cowl flap open, but leave this side open. On the other side is the panel(s) fixed in place with cowl flap open.
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