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  1. Matt and Bob, Yes these are Airfix kits, i got them last year so thats why to me they are new kits, but i am sure as Bob said this kit must be from 50s...Bob i thought of the same when i saw the length on fuselage, its bit too long then it should be. I will definately look into getting as much referance as i can on Tighermoth when i get around to building these beauties. We have real aircraft displayed at Toronto Airspace Museum... Sameer
  2. I dont think i will do a diorama with these since they will be part of my early Pakistan Airforce fleet line, well let see what happens when i get around these kits. Thanks Matt, i have seen awsome models out of these kits in past but dont think i can be able to do that kind of job. Sam747
  3. I would like to get in too if there is any Vacancy still available?. I have 2 schemes for my 2 72nd Fujimi F-14As(Iranian and VX-9 "Black Bunny") Mr. Felik pls let me know.... Cheers, Sameer
  4. Hi, I have 3 of these new kits, i want to start building these soon, just wondering how many of you guys have already build these and how far in detail have you gone into it?. I dont have much experiance in building Bi-Planes and would have problems with attaching both wing and rigging them... Can any of you guys share some thoughts and hits on this kit. Thanks, Sameer
  5. Excellent job done Jan!, I really liked the new one. Sameer
  6. Sounds like this nose needs some resin help?!, Hmm a resin nose would be good idea, now what else on the kit is needed!... Sam747
  7. I'm afraid your done with canpies once they have split in 2 pieces....even though you fix it with any clear glue but eye score crack will always be seen after the joint. I might be able to hepl you, just send me a line off board.. Takecare, Sam747
  8. HI Richard, Its nice to hear that you finally got your kit, I am happy to hear that and man sorry for the delay, i will fill it up to you one of these days for all this delay. Yes i have..... Sameer
  9. Gee man i dident knew it was this easy!, i had spend hrs on my 72nd Sopwith Camel with out any success!, and ending up just painting it bard brown... Thanks guys, cool tip Sameer
  10. C'a mon Weegie why all of sudden i just recieved your PM after all this long!!....What are you trying to hide!! <_< Ogee sure go ahead and try to send out TV in thin bubble wrap with bit of thin tape placed in thin card board box (same Marquette kits ) and for sure it will cross the ocean and arrive at the other end in same condition as sended out!!, Listen we all at different stages of our lives have moved TVs around so just keep that to yourself and take some resposibility too on your end..... Sameer
  11. Gee, you guys are Rocking good guys!.... Sameer
  12. Weegie, Wait a sec here, well the way i would wait for another kit is because my original kit is somewhere in mail that i sended to you on 11 sept!!! ;) , secondy when i got your kit it was badly crushed box, i did informed you with condition details how i recieved it !!, what you should have done was to pack this flimsy thin card board kit box in solid carton box to send over sea!, but you decided to put thin bubble wrap in the box , sqash taped it and then JUST wrapped it in brown paper wrap and mailed it out to me!!!. I was very much dishartened with the trade after how i recieved it!, o
  13. Yes Tony is a good guy, ive meet him 3 times and our trades, conversations and visitations were very plasent, but most of all the trades we did were done the way trades should be done...in the end we became good friends... (Not when model's thin box is shipped over the boarder wrapped in only brown paper and arrived all crushed!!) Regards, Sameer
  14. Hi, Richard Maher i have mailed out your Myrt kit this afternoon by Expidted mail, you should get it in next two days. Biltonbabe i am trying to do my best with this situation asap!, just give me till next monday Nov 01 and if i dident find another DC6 kit i will then ask you to tel me what Viking kit costed you and i will refund you in US MO and i will send it registard mail, Or if this dosent satisfy you then do tell me what kit costed you and i will go with that route. Personally if i was in your shoes i would have asked of kit!, but thats me. Same for Ken Young(Sigtu), once your kits ar
  15. Simithery and Emil you guys have pointed me in right direction about Canada post and mailing services, honestly this what i never wanted to happen but its has gone in that direction!, as i am doing with another trader, i will be resending him another CD to replace the one which never arrrived, so same goes for Weggie and Ken. R.Maher i am just about to head out and re post your Myrt kit and i just wanted to re check your address, as for Weggie and Ken i have decided to find same kits again which i promised i will send them to you and now i will re send them the way Simithery adviced, pls just
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