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  1. Wow this is an insane build, really a piece of art!! My eyes are bleeding:)
  2. First of all, do not paint anything with pure black (unless it is a black hole :)). NATO black, anthracite grey or anything similar would give a better scale effect.
  3. Revell's antracite is also nice.
  4. Hi, I used salt weathering for my F-4 build, which you can see in the link below: I had applied decal on the base coat and built a brand new F-4 in pristine condition. Then I had applied all weathering. Decals should also be weathered in line with the rest of the plane, otherwise it will look unrealistic, I believe.
  5. Heating the film with an hair dryer may work to make the film conform to curved surfaces?
  6. After 12000 grit of micromesh, I use compounds (not tamiya but similar) for the final shine. As the final gloss coat, 2k auto gloss clears are the best. I built the panigale a while ago, really great kit...
  7. airea

    Gluing PE

    I use future and an hair dryer for gluing PE parts, as long as they are not subject to load/weight of the model. For more strenght, I use CA and clean the residue with CA debonder.
  8. Tamiya and novus seems to be very expensive. I use helmet visor and car headlight polishing compounds for polishing model canopies and all sorts of clear parts. They are sold in hardware stores and auto parts shops. I guess tamiya or novus compounds are basically the same stuff with visor/headlight polishers. Maybe slightly not that strong but definitely more expensive...
  9. That is a great model, cleverly weathered... Very realistic..!
  10. Amazing model and great photography!
  11. Very nice build of a goodlooking aircraft. I would advise using 2k auto lacquer gloss for the instruments to simulate the glass look. Just carefully put a small drop of the gloss on each instrument. The 2k auto gloss has a very high shine and ability to hold on vertical surfaces.
  12. Very nice build and clever weathering...
  13. I believe a realistic black in modeling is not black but something like nato black, rubber black, antrasite grey or something similar. So instead of painting the model with a nice pure black color, I would advice using above mentioned colors with some variations on different panels...
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