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  1. At what point do the models we make stop looking like the subjects that they represent and start looking like all of the other models out there? A good metaphor for this is Elvis impersonators. At first, they tried to look like Elvis, but not they just look like Elvis impersonators. None of them actually look like Elvis. I like washes and detailing and weathering to a point. But I look at some of these finished kits and think to myself that they are starting to look more like a finished wash and weathering tutorial than a real plane.
  2. I have been working on this kit on and off since December. I only have 1 wing left to stencil. Nice to see that your turned out nicely.
  3. I lucked out as my house has 2 laundry rooms. I turned one of them into a paint room, and installed a brushless 250 CFM fan to blow the fumes out of the old dryer vent hole.
  4. As far as I can tell, the winter Olympics appears to be nothing more than a display of the various ways that people and granite stones can slide on snow and ice.
  5. When I was 5, I helped my dad build a model kit of the USS Arizona. After that I was hooked. I worked in a local hobby shop through high school, and learned the ins and outs of the business and got to see a lot of what was out there. I took about a 15 year break from building models because I went to college, and then moved for my first 'real' job. It wasn't until my wife and I settled down in our new house that I started up again. That was 9 years ago.
  6. My wife and I are independently wealthy. Needless to say, I have to be careful to not overspend or go on a kit buying binge. I like to keep my money local, so I tend to buy everything from local hobby shops.
  7. Tamiya thin cement works as well. I add the cement to a glass plate, add a drop of putty to it, and stir. That will thin it enough to let it flow into the crease (provided it is a small crease).
  8. Simple solutions to the looming SS and Medicare shortfalls: If you lifted the salary cap on Social Security and Medicare (currently you only pay SS tax on the first $110k of income), you could keep them fully funded until 2070. If you increased the social security tax by 1% over a decade (0.1% per year, you will keep them fully funded for the next 150 years!) I can more than afford that, and would gladly pay it to keep these programs vested and alive for the future.
  9. The real issue is that people want everything, but don't want to pay for it. Ask any tea partier, or any normal person what specific program they want the government to cut and they will all give you the same answer: _____________ and give you a blank stare while they think for a minute or two. Most of our financial problems can be fixed by very simple solutions, but the lobbyists and corporations who control the politicians are getting insanely rich off of gridlock so that is what we have now. If we want our republic back, we have to take it back.
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