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    Space modelling, Rocketry, Missiles and Launchers. General history of V1 to present day

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  1. Jetboy

    Access to Britmodeller.com?

    hi,yep still down....cheers Don
  2. Hi all,im back at it next week,work that is.Holidays sure do go quick. But the weather here has just turned to summer,i was reading lately that we are close,or in the solar 10 year cycle of huge dangerous flares,is this why the world has suddenly gone mad?!I'll rephrase that why the world has gone more mad than usual?! It seems solar radiation has some wierd effect,s on humans,animals.ANYONE ANY THOUGHTSwhilst im awaiting this primer to dry. ....Best wishes Don
  3. Jetboy


    Hi all,theres some really good new panoramic photos on yahoo and sky news,but sorry i dont have the I.Q to give you the link,would love to,but cannot,I will peruse FAQ to see if its easy,unless you know better and dont mind sharing.cheers Don.
  4. Jetboy


    hi,bit of bad news about Morpheus exploding whilst tethered ,good news it wasnt manned cheers don
  5. Jetboy

    Modeling music

    Hi all,just been modelling and I have just played one of my old records whilst modelling away,and I never realised before what a cracking album it is. And its got a jet fighter theme all the way through it. The name of the ultimate record whilst moddelling is ...Cap,t Lockheed and the Starfighters by Robert Calvert,one of his first solo albums after leaving Hawkwind. Anyway download it if you can, if you have got it get it out and dust it off. Give it a blast. With cracking song titles like..The Aircraft Salesman and Two Test Pilots Discuss the Starfighters Performance and the fab..GROUND CREW(last minute reassembly before take off)... The Haunting ..Ground Control to Pilot... The Tear Jerker.. I Resign.. The Wonderful Song...Ejection..and the grand finale..Catch A Falling Starfighter. These classics amomong other tracks on the album are just a welcome addition to anyones music to model by collection. Im so enthralled by this inspiring soundtrack,I just have to pass it on..thanks for reading. Don
  6. Jetboy

    Ever just lose interest?

    Hi,unglued in alaska,good on yer!..getting intrested in modelling at your age is fantastic,also woman as well,i suppose all the aids you can buy these days is a bonus,i mean visual and magnifying,not them nasty little blue pills,iv,e been told about.Though i suppose they,d have an advantage as well,bit of blue tac,youve got a steady third hand.way hay never have to leave the moddelling bench again,.....sorry got to erase that vision from my brain,it might cause me problems later.also being in alaska,i suppose you save a fortune on camo paint,white gloss or matt..No seriously have fun cheers don
  7. Jetboy

    tips for modellers

    hi all,another tip, he wasnt, fanx...don
  8. Jetboy

    missile and transporter sa2 guideline

    well hi,if i,d known anyone was following this build,id have made it a bit more intresting,sorry don
  9. Jetboy

    Modeling music

    cant beat gordon lightfoot,life just strolls away listening to any of his albums don
  10. Jetboy

    tips for modellers

    hi another tip, cheers don
  11. Jetboy

    Ever just lose interest?

    hi,just had the same feelings ,im trying llap-goch,its on the next page. cheers don,also the other tips are good,especially the changing subject,its what i do,and it works,though this might change with llap-goch lol don
  12. Jetboy

    missile and transporter sa2 guideline

    hi chris,love pound shops,they have loads of stuff to use in modelling,and that cheap,heres a few i use best thing for cleaning the airbrush,and they do different sizes i pad holder makes a good rest, and these a pound each, these are brill,three for a pound cant beat it i find these the most useful items, you get a box for a pound,meat skewers..6 clips a pound. and these are free,i think when they stack the shelves,the toothpaste and denture tablets come in these,great for paint and did i say there....free have fun cheers don.
  13. Jetboy

    rebellion weekend

    hi,canada i would think... don
  14. Jetboy

    worst news ive heard today

    hi vimana,dont worry,ive found the answer,check out the advert,its on the post asking for advice,it was pointed out to me one of the advantages of this offer,was wait for it....prolonged life,so if i take this offer up,it doesn't matter how long it takes to get there,plus the added bonus of being able to crush and maim everyone i meet,pure manna from heaven all round. cheers don, recent master of llap- goch (probably means something awful in welsh,should have checked?) ah well not every puddle is over my wellies.