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  1. Thank you sir that great news will wait and see. Nihad
  2. Great job on the B1-B bin looking for 1 for weeks now cant find it here in The Netherlands does anybody know where I could find a Revell B1-B 1/48 for a reasonable price. Nihad
  3. Progress has bin very slow but almost ready to close up the 2 body halves just need to do some more adjusting of the body parts so they will fit better probably have to use some heat. Some pictures of the parts that are glued in the body parts prior to closing all other parts can be added with a closed body. Thank you for watching. Nihad
  4. Almost done scribing,filling and re-doing rivets but I have the panels like I wanted them compared to pictures will soon add primer and see where touch up is needed. Current state of F-35B. Thank you for watching. Nihad
  5. Thank you Devilleader I thought the tape would make sence because of service panels or other panels that require to be opened on a regular basis but like you said making the roll out version and from all the pictures I looked at all panels are flat when no paint is yet applied. Did some test fitting of the canopy to see if at least that part would fit ok and it actually has an excellent fit. also glued the front section together and added the radome for removing seemlines I always use super glue (Zap a Gap)have to say use it for almost everything prefer it especially with scribing mistakes etc. sorry for the bad quality of the pictures have to use my phone for now. I fill the panels with super glue and add the details that are also showing on the roll out version so no RAM coating on most panels some panels do show some lifted effect compared to others. on the picture below the left side has bin done and will continue on the right side. Must say alot of work to do all these panels and not over do it so not to loose all the details. Thats it for now thanx for watching. Nihad
  6. Thank you Jeremy Maybe I should do more work before I post pictures but like to share what I do sometimes daily. tried using a brush painting the panels but did not like the result so did alot of taping and airbrushed the panels liked the result much better. Again some more work on the engine/exhaust did some weathering to bring out the details a bit more and started painting the details. Did some test fitting and have to say worried all this work was done on the wrong model as the fit is really bad and get worse when more parts are added. Nihad
  7. Thank you sir for the information and I am always open for tips. I can tell you what I have for rivets : rivet wheels diff. types.(dont really like working with them hard to control them especially on rounded surfaces in my experience) Even when using dymo tape they are hard for me to control. I use a needle ( bought in a special airbrush ,paint,etc store) needle stays sharp and easier to control it does take longer obviously to rivet hihih. Any other materials or tips or sites that show tutorials would be great too. Nihad
  8. wow love your scratch building skills looking good can't wait to see more.
  9. Thank you guy's for the compliments work is going slowly these days scribing and riveting is a slow progress job still learning. As I wrote before will do this plane in roll out colors so alot of rivets are added. Also started on the cockpit would love some more pictures of the seat and also of the back of the cockpit so am searching the net for those and who knows. What I painted so far. Work on the engine continued too couple of diff. colors of alclad paint added what is left is painting the details and some weathering on the engine itself so the details will come out a bit better. also finished the nose gear doors and some more detailing added on the nose section as seen on some pictures (WIP) Nihad
  10. Still hard at work with scribing and adding rivets boring and slow progress job but hopefully in the end it will be worth it. Nihad
  11. That would make sense and that is why the raise is not showing in the above none paint configuration.
  12. Is that raise created with the grey paint? Because if I look at pictures of the plane in its (jade green) primer I do not see a raise in any panels. The raise is seen by individual panels because they are seperate from the rest of the plane so thought they might get that raise by a special coat or paint. By the way planning to make this plane diff. as in not grey. ( grey only for certain panels or parts as seen below) Nihad
  13. Thank you sir your too kind. Last night spend alot of time on the PE part of the exhaust and did not finish it but had enough so put it aside for now. Today (day off) started working on the in my opinion biggest challenge sanding down the RAM panels not that experienced with scribing but have to learn it so hopefully wont mess up this model. Thanks for watching. Nihad
  14. Thank you Sir will deff. keep that in mind concerning the gear struts. Did some more work on the exhaust finished it until primer also added Archer rivets to give the surface some more detail like the real thing. All detailed added and before primer. After primer. After watching these pictures I saw a single rivet missing on the surface did not notice this before. Thank you all for watching. Nihad
  15. OMG your skills are unbelievable
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