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Harrier/Viper Fan

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    Harriers and F-16's
  1. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Mavericks and F-16CJ?

    I got some Eduards 1/48 Mavericks. I was thinking of using them on one of my F-16 builds. Does the F-16CJ Use Mavericks or are they mainly Harms/Bombs?
  2. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Mig 21 engine AB colors?

    Ya-Gabor any chance of the F-13 I am about to start the trump kit..
  3. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Airfix Typhoon 1/24

    Great stuff, love it I just added it to my wish list.
  4. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Mica and Magic missiles, Are there any in resin?

    Where? I can't find that set..
  5. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Resin sets for 1/48 F-4 Phantoms

    Could always start in 1/144 scale .
  6. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Vietnam War Group Build

    I have the kits ready in the stash just can't decide which to build, Tamiya A-1J 1/48 HB A-6A 1/48 Hase F-8E 1/48 Once I have decided I let you all know. I do have other options but I am sticking to the to do pile.
  7. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Hase 1/48 Growler for -18F, can it be done?

    I want to do a hase 1/48 F/A-18F but I can only find the Growler kit, can the growler kit be made into a F/A-18F?
  8. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Instruction flaw for kinetic 1/48 mirage 2000B/N/D kit

    Thanks, still annoying that it is not included in the instructions, not good if your a beginner..
  9. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Mica and Magic missiles, Are there any in resin?

    Thanks HomeBe just what I wanted. Yes the alignment is a nightmare.
  10. I just been looking at the kinetic 1/48 Mirage 2000B/N/D kit, I browesed the instructions and I noticed that there is nothing about the exhaust area. Problem is there is 2 exhausts so which for which plane? How can they miss this?
  11. Does anyone know if there is resin mica and magic missiles? The Revell Mica in the Rafale kits are rubbish to put together I ended up throwing them out.
  12. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Naval Group Build

    I have a couple of ships I could build and a 1/72 Uboat that I could do.
  13. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Terry Pratchett has passed away.

    Sad day, author I grew up with has passed RIP.. BBC
  14. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Looking for info on F-16 Squadrons

    So Shaw would be the best bet then, was Spang ever based there?
  15. Harrier/Viper Fan

    Looking for info on F-16 Squadrons

    Does anyone have a list of what F-16 Squadrons (USAF) that was based at Kandahar 2012-2013?