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  1. I got some Eduards 1/48 Mavericks. I was thinking of using them on one of my F-16 builds. Does the F-16CJ Use Mavericks or are they mainly Harms/Bombs?
  2. Ya-Gabor any chance of the F-13 I am about to start the trump kit..
  3. Great stuff, love it I just added it to my wish list.
  4. I have the kits ready in the stash just can't decide which to build, Tamiya A-1J 1/48 HB A-6A 1/48 Hase F-8E 1/48 Once I have decided I let you all know. I do have other options but I am sticking to the to do pile.
  5. I want to do a hase 1/48 F/A-18F but I can only find the Growler kit, can the growler kit be made into a F/A-18F?
  6. Thanks, still annoying that it is not included in the instructions, not good if your a beginner..
  7. Thanks HomeBe just what I wanted. Yes the alignment is a nightmare.
  8. I just been looking at the kinetic 1/48 Mirage 2000B/N/D kit, I browesed the instructions and I noticed that there is nothing about the exhaust area. Problem is there is 2 exhausts so which for which plane? How can they miss this?
  9. Does anyone know if there is resin mica and magic missiles? The Revell Mica in the Rafale kits are rubbish to put together I ended up throwing them out.
  10. I have a couple of ships I could build and a 1/72 Uboat that I could do.
  11. Sad day, author I grew up with has passed RIP.. BBC
  12. So Shaw would be the best bet then, was Spang ever based there?
  13. Does anyone have a list of what F-16 Squadrons (USAF) that was based at Kandahar 2012-2013?
  14. I be into this I have a F-8 and a Mig 21 that I can do. Oh and a A-1J and A-6A all 1/48.
  15. Thanks guys for the comments, from what you have all said its mainly about which mark I want. I have a look around and find the best deals and go from there.
  16. I like a GWH F-15C but the £76 price tag is a little crazy.
  17. My family delivered my birthday gifts today, even though its not till wednesday, they wanted me to open as they wont see me. I was shocked at what i got, i have been wanting 2 of them for awhile. Ok here is what they gave me, Parents: 1/32 Academy F-16I (one i have wanted since release) 1/48 Tamiya F-16CJ (seccond one i have been wanting) Sisters: 1/700 Revell RMS Olympic 1/48 Revell Rafale x2 1/72 Revell Merlin HMA.1 1/48 Kinetic Mirage 2000B/D/N 1/48 Aoshima Airwolf (so excited about this one) So really happy today and had a good haul did better than christmas.
  18. F-16, Tamiya, Hasegawa and Kinetic but this requires work F-15C Great Wall F-15E Revell Rafale Revell, hobby boss, there is a rumour that they are copies of the Revell to even being reboxes Eurofighter Revell F-14, Hasegawa, Hobby Boss Tornado Revell Harrier, Hasegawa (revel rebox) for late british and American, Kinetic for Sea Harrier F-22 Hasegawa A-6 Hobby boss F-8 Hasegawa F/A-18 Hasegawa for both Legacy and Super Hornets, the Hobby Boss are ok but require work
  19. Whats the best 1/72 F-35 kit? Academy, Fujimi, Italeri or Hase?
  20. I hold off Revell announced a 1/48 GR4 for this year.
  21. I find my self sitting here with a lot of half finished projects, which I keep adding too but never finish. I thought I pick one up the other day and found that my skills seemed to have become rusty. I know it's been at least 3 years since I finished anything or even done any real modelling. I started a 1/48 Hawkeye the other month which I stopped due to my skills just not up to it anymore. Has anyone else had this? I thought I do a simple 1/72 kit to try and get some skills back but I scared I ruin the kit right now but I also know that I need to get my skills back too. Sorry for the self pity post but just thought I get off my chest and see if this has happened to others.
  22. As the title says any correct seats for the A-6A in 1/48?
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