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  1. great thanks Jabba and HeavyArty! I will see if i can scratchbuilt the mounts it it is possible with my spares :) The photos are lovely! many thanks again!:)
  2. awesome! thanks Tank! I ave 2 spare M240 I might use it instead :) I find it bare that the chinook is a big fool chopper without any gun 😄 great thanks!
  3. Hello fellows! I have a CH-47D 1/35 scale, Id like to ask the following question. Can I put an adhoc M240 or minigun mounts on the windows and doors or is that only configuration only for MH-47? Does all the CH-47 sports no guns at all? thanks a lot! Iking
  4. hmm Im planning to do the 3 pyloned version. AFghan version right? Are they factory-installed or did the ground crews and field mechanics just did their own unique versions?
  5. Hi guys, Good day! I have the Trumpy Mi-8 1/35 scale kit. Im planning to do some scratching for the missile pylons. Id like to ask if the pylons are battelfield modifications (meaning no fixed soviet design) or if they are factory installed? Thanks fellows! Cheers! Iking
  6. That sounds great, thanks for the insights and tips:) i might just go for the aires ML pit set and zacto plates for a noobie like me. I will still stay on the safer side for now and not bother with all the surgeries in modifying it:) will contact you guys if i need help. hope to hear from you sometime soon:) cheers! iking
  7. I see, actually this is my 3rd large scale plane; I've built a 135 hind and 132 frogfoot both oob. I mostly build oob 172 planes several yrs ago before I shift to armor that is why I'm not experienced in upgrading aircrafts (esp sawing major portions) and I still consider myself a noobie:). I will try to stick with resin cockpits and maybe the splitter plates. I'm just worried about the nose if it is that mis-shaped:p What you guys think?:) For the resin cockpit, can the ML cockpit be used for MLD? Cheers! Iking
  8. I see, so regarding the Aires cockpit, no MLD is available or produced, can I use the ML for the MLD? Yes Aires is quite expensive and will put a price on top of the kit's price :( Im also planning to purchase Zacto's intakes for my flogger build. Thanks! Iking
  9. Hi guys, I am Iking and I am new in AC modelling. I am attracted to some large scale planes like the Mig-23 MLD of Trumpeter which I bought as a present for myself. May I ask your help what do I need to modify like glaring kit inaccuracies if there is any? I have read about the splitter plates but I am wondering if there are still something that I am missing. Help is much appreciated:) Cheers! Iking
  10. hi guys! im building this beast now and upon reading this thread it somehow worried me huhu!:( im building a frogfoot that served on afghanistan. What can you suggest as the valid weapons loadout based on the kit supplied weapons? also are there any particular note on which air scoops to be used? and lastly, what can you suggest to be substituted on the missing aam pylons? thanks guys!
  11. Hi comrades, I am just wondering what and for where is the optional parts MM23 and MM11 in the Su-25 jet exhaust? I am planning to build a ready to fly, armed Frogfoot in Afghanistan. what is the preferred part to be used between MM23 and MM11? Thanks! Cheers! Balalaika82
  12. Hi 11bee, So youre the one who built this magnificent Hip!:D I saw this weeks ago and saved some photos for reference as I also have a Hip here :) thanks for the help! Testors is limited here in the Philippines so I might just formulate a close copy of the sand tone based on Tamiya/Gunze selections of Desert/DArk Yellow or Stone shades. Thoughts? Cheers! Iking
  13. thanks guys! much apprecieated, what is the nearest color that i can use for the base color? tamiya desert yellow lightened with white? cheers! balalaika82
  14. Hello guys! I am new to helicopter modelling and I am having a Hip and Hind project. I want to depict them on the afghan war scheme during '79-'89. I want to know which among these 2 schemes were used during the war? A: This looks like a base of light stone/sand. B: This one looks like a base of lightened Tamiya Desert yellow. Help much appreciated! Cheers! Balalaika82
  15. thanks again LAurent! hmm so i can use my GP-9 pod on my academy PF kit for replicating the six day war EAF mig-21 based on the 3rd profile? Pardon me as I am only a fledgling ac modeller :D Thanks!
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