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  1. Never mind ...i'll take number 41!!!
  2. I'll take number 11 if is still up Can anyone confirm this? I can't get into the chat right now
  3. Fulcrum1 here you can read more about the problem that FAA is facing... LINK LINK Regards
  4. I really don´t think it´s about money, it´s more of a political problem in this case.
  5. Sadly none at this point, I know there were intentions to buy Mirages F-1C from Spain in the first place, then Kfirs from Israel, but all were canceled. There where a lot of whisperings about the possibilty of buying new FJ-17/FC-1 but nothing more than that.
  6. You are welcome Don!! I love this picture :o/> :o/> !! Pic from SS Aerophotography.
  7. Hi guys!! This last Sunday 29th, the honorable Mirages of the Argentinian Air Force where retired from service after 43 years. For the ocassion aircrafts where painted with special schemes... Sadly I couldn´t go :( :( .. Check this thread LINK to see some pics. Cheers!! Andrés
  8. KursadA, check your mail please, info sent. Cheers!!
  9. Hi KursadA, I´m sorry for the delay... do you have an email address where i can send the pics to you? Another thing, would you also consider on doing the SAR scheme? I did a quick profile of it: Cheers! Andrés
  10. Kurasad, which paint schemes of the Chilean AF are you planning to do? Chilean twins have worn at least 8 different paint schemes in their life time. I have plenty of info, just let me know if you need it. Cheers!! Andrés Alvarado
  11. I´m totally in for a flanker family, but I really think we need kits of planes that have not been made before or that you can only get as resin kits or vacu. a couple more to add to HomeBe´s list: DHC-6 Twin Otter Beechcraft T-34 Mentor Beechcraft 99A Airliner CASA 212 EADS/CASA 235 - 295 EXTRA 300 SU-26-29-31 IA-63 Pampa Enaer T-35 Pillan SA-315 LAMA AS-350 Ecureuil family Hiller OH-23 family SA-330 PUMA AS-332-532 family Embraer/Short 312 Tucano Embraer 145 AEW&CR-99 / E-99 / P-99 or how about a new OS2U Kingfisher or a Cessna Skymaster?? etc.... cheers
  12. Hi DET, Did you try here?: b-58hustler.com Also here: Flickr search hope this helps Andres
  13. Hi guys, sorry for desappearing, I had a wify problem... WOW!! Thanks all for your time to help me clear things up, you guys rock!! Thanks Brian, I´ve seen that decal set of yours and I love it, but besides that I´m building a 1/72 tomcat, I´ve always wanted to do Bullet 202....I do have a couple of 48s tomcats in my stash and I´ll be definitely getting a set in the future. Thanks again guys!! Cheers!! Andrés
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