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  1. Hi Guys - Sorry to say these are currently all SOLD - If anyone does not pay for their items I will put that set back up. If any do come back up I'll let you know. Thanks for the orders.... I have a few lots of AK interactive Extreme Metal Paints Each lot consist of the following: AK 471 Black Base AK 477 Chrome AK 479 Aluminium AK 480 - Dark Aluminium AK 481 - Polished Aluminium You can find these on the AK website here; http://ak-interactive.com/v2/product-category/ak-weathering-products/xtreme-metal/
  2. Hi I have the following for you... Instruction sheet for Hasegawa 1/72 Mi-24 Hind E kit K021 Instruction sheet for Italeri 1/72 MH-47E kit 1218 PM me your Email and I'll send them off to you... Larry
  3. Hi, I don't have one myself, there are a bunch on EBay - you can also check the RC Tanks forums, you never know... http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/rc-tanks-369/ Check the Classifieds, you just missed a Tiger one... http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/tank-classified-ads-458/11594857-tamiya-full-option-tiger-1-tank.html I just picked up a 1/16 Tamiya Pershing - needs some work nut I'll have it out there soon enough - hope to do some tank battling... Good luck :cheers:/>/>
  4. Hi Guys, Yes the 'Leviathan" upgrades for IJN warships have been around for a while - They are huge upgrades to the original kit parts. Pit Road also released some upgrade parts in 1/700 scale for IJN as well as modern JMSDF & US Warships. You can purchase these upgrade sets all over. They are usually cheaper than the PE sets and you have some leftovers for the spares box.
  5. Hi James, Long time since we chatted.. The Waterline series has been around since the early 60's some of those early Hasegawa / Minicraft, Aoshima kits are really bad detail wise, the secondary guns look like little blobs. Tamiya stepped up, but most of thier molds are still late 60's early 70's technology. Do a little research on these little jems before you buy, there is a lot of re-boxing. Most of the "newer tooled" kits are usually nice, just add some P/E and your ready to go. I have a few kits i'm looking to move, but no CV's. If your intersted drop me a PM and we can discuss.
  6. Title says it all - Tell me what you have.. Thanks, Larry
  7. Actually I stand corrected. With the postage prices we have thats about right...
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