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  1. Hulk

    Peterbilt 359

    Ok, I know it took me a long time, but it's finally done. So here are some pics just for you.
  2. Little update While the floor pan is still drying, I give it a try on the BMF on the body last night. As you can see, I add a rought time with it and thought about just ripped of and go with a spray can paint job, but I decided to live with the imperfection of the result, maybe some lines will be less visible after polish and decals. This is my first time with so much BMF so I'm sticking with and learning gonna come along. Here is the problem, I tought I would just apply the BMF and meet the pieces in the panel lines. At first it work great, but only on the little panels, when I got to t
  3. So finally got something finish Here's the engine I decide to paint it anyway, I'm hoping to be able to cut the decals and not glue the top, but as you can see it's pretty simple. I started on the cockpit, the rear suspension and on the floor pan, so sorry Big but for now I have absolutely no idea how I'm gonna do for the BMF and I'm still scratching my head on it, I'll post my progress and experiences (hoping not to much of thoses)
  4. Hey I got my kit a few weeks ago and I finally get down on it. Also this is my first entry in a GB. So here's my entry: Revell 1/24 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 Lewis Hamilton So far I got everything clean and ready to go and I must say this is by far the most complicated kit I've attempted, and just for a little bit more challenge, and hopefully an amazing finish look, I'm going with a all BMF on it. Should be a lot of work, but I hope to get it done in time. More to come soon!
  5. Looks great, another awesome car you've build, love the color and the decals scheme.
  6. I'm will join with the Revell Germany 1/24 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 (#2 Lewis Hamilton) I got my kit reserve for pickup this weekend, can't wait to start I've got a bit of catching up to do.
  7. Thanks for the cheers guys. I'm pretty happy with this one and I came out 5th at the contest. As for the twisted look, both the cab and bed are a little twisted, I try to fix it but it was too fragile so I just let it this way.
  8. Good job, I really love the rear of the truck. Can't wait to see what you're gonna come up with next. Nice build, congrats!
  9. Hulk

    Peterbilt 359

    Hey I know it's been a while, but I was on another project. But know that it's done and my spray booth finish I'm back on it. Just got the primer done. I've done it a bit in a hurry (really bad idea) so just gotta a bit of extra sanding and a another coat of primer. Also put in a headliner to hide all the holes for the roof lights and horns. Still on it, next is the interior coat. Stay tuned!
  10. nice, I got my popcorn and waiting!
  11. Hey I just tought I'd share this story with you guys. I'm 28, I'm a car mechanic and I grew up around cars. My grandpa had old cars when I was a kid and I pass most of my summers in car shows. I always wanna have an old car to restore but never got the time, money, space and all everything that pull me away from it. In 1998 my grandpa bought a 1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV with the intention to restore it. As life goes on he never got the chance to do it, but roll for a few years as a summer car. A few years ago he stop using it and stall it in the driveway. Years pass and it just s
  12. Wow, nicely done, can't wait to see the cab that goes with it!!!
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