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  1. I remember when that kit hit the shelves. I woulda been 14 or 15 so it's at least 40 years old. Mike a b e n ...oldie but goodie
  2. Thanks Robert, Yeah they have them listed as AIM Rug Rat Resins. Also listed AIM Historic Wings and AIM Transport Wings. Mike a b e n ...thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the response guys... M M ...I will check out your leads :o
  4. So I'm newly interested in airliner kits. I read a reference to 'Transport Wings' and went to their site but all the links are dead and the site appears to be 'disfunctional'. Are they still around (new/different site)?? What would be the best source for, let's say, 1/72 scale stuff. Mike a b e n ...I know...it's rare, but hey :lol: and thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks alot fellas. Wie gehts Chris The exhaust shields are the kit parts after some scraping and filing. I also shortened the overhang on the port side as I thot it covered too much of the exhaust per many photos I looked at. Hey Dave, the spinner was quite a project in it's self. First I glued the backplate on with temporary glue (Microscale Liquitape) then chucked it in my old dremel and reshaped it to look more pointy like it should. I drilled out the cannon and replaced it with a piece of aluminum tubing for the blast tube. I painted the spinner black enamel so I could remove
  6. Tried to make the 1/32 ProMod G-4 look more like the G-2. Mike a b e n ...a little different :lol:
  7. The PM kit has the correct rudders for the G-4 Mike a b e n ...have fun
  8. MS 1000 is a very fine pigment filler and works best as a primer or minimal surface imperfections. MS 1200 is even finer. MS 500 is a larger pigment and works better for filling larger voids. They will shrink. It is acrylic. Custom car painters used to do a thing called cobwebbing by shooting unthinned acrylic at high pressure (sounds like the spiderwebbing mentioned above). I don't think it's lacquer based as it doesn't affect the plastic surface beneath it. You can remove it (even after it's dry) with 91% alcohol which is what I use to thin it. Mike a b e n ...cheaper and non-toxic. Wo
  9. Hey Bill, Primer (optional) Color Gloss (does not have to be mirror-like) Decals Wash (acrylic sludge, oil, watercolor, whatever) Matte Pastels (pencil maybe/sometimes) Final clear seal Mike a b e n ...have fun
  10. Hi Jason, you mentioned the hole in the spinner being too large. I'm not sure about the hole itself being too large but the 'tube' in the center is definitely too large. I carved mine out and inserted smaller diameter aluminium (did I say that right ? ;) ) tubing. I think it makes a noticeable improvement in the overall look. This is a Battle of France era bird I built in the '90s. Mike a b e n ...hth and have fun
  11. Microscale Liquid Decal film is great stuff for Alps decals but I hear that it can smear inkjet decals (has to be brushed on). I would recommend airbrushing a coat of Future on inkjet decals. Mike a b e n ...but that's just me :lol:
  12. Hi Stef, the Erla-Haube was standard on the G-14 so finding examples without it will be difficult. Mike a b e n ...good luck.
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