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  1. OH MAN that's fine as frog hair. :wub: Tony lee
  2. Thanks Trent The filters have been applied: Things have slowed down on these,I'm helping a friend with his first armor build and it's a pretty big project with all the AM he wants used. One good thing is he's going to do the paint and weathering. Thanks again Tony lee
  3. Greg I was in the Air Force for eight years but Armor SPGs are what trips my trigger. Later fellow Tony lee
  4. Mercy Greg that's a mighty fine compliment,Thanks I've got an Archer and a Bishop I want to do pretty soon too and looking forward to the paint scheme. Thanks Again Tony lee
  5. OK #4 is painted, now I can get back to the little things that adds life to these things. I'll be back when ever, you just never know. Tony lee
  6. First armor or not that's some nice work Greg. Tony lee
  7. Hey Charlie German green is an Olive Green and I like Nato Green because depending on what effect i'm after I can darken or lighten the Nato Green to suit me. Cheers Tony lee
  8. Thanks Charlie Here's #3 the L/70(A) One more to go the L/48 (V) Thanks for looking in Tony lee
  9. Ken that's the way I do it just like Curt showed you. This way is a little slower than using one of those fancy wheel mask but it gets the job done. Get-r-Done Tony lee
  10. You're Welcome John Happy to help Tony lee
  11. Morning John Those front road wheels are intentional. Models with the long barrel gun were nose heavy and waddled like a duck even going in a straight line and would rip the rubber tires right off the wheels. They redesigned the wheel with the rubber on the inside with a steel outer shell to manage the extra weight. They also trimmed the manlet some and moved the spare tracks to the rear to lighten up the front. "Now you know the rest of the story" :lol: Paul Harvey said that. Appreciate the compliment and the question John Tony lee
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