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    butterfly collector, artist, mainly portraits and natural history illustration and of course jet aircraft
  1. The Fred Shammas feature on homepage dated 18th October clearly shows the the USA was really ahead of its time , this F106 was obviously ready for action as the promo says in the years of 1060. I AM IMPRESSED !!!
  2. ianr

    dust masks

    Thanks guys, should have been a bit more detailed. I was alluding to its use for sanding resin, so, the vented type is ideal. regards Ian
  3. ianr

    dust masks

    Hi, haven't been active for awhile and am just getting back on track, only have hit a snag. I need glasses to see with and have discovered that if using a disposable dust mask, the type that has a metal strip at nose top for shaping to your nose (cheap ones) these fog my glasses in very quick time , what on earth do you guys visually impaired do????????????? Regards Ian
  4. Thanks for interest shown, all have sold to 1 very happy Australian. Ian
  5. Well, it's nearly another year of my shortening time span and have decided to really clean up my act, have way too many things left undone, do you need a few 1/32 kits ? I have the following, all come with every conceivable aftermarket accessory I could find. Tamiya F15E bunker buster Tamiya black knights F14A tomcat tRUMPETER Av8b harrier plus Trumpeter Mig 29m Private email me if interested , hey, it's nearly xmas and am reasonable. Ian
  6. ianr

    F4E seats

    Thanks Jake, it will be purchased, seems stupid to convert without adequate reference , many thanks. Ian
  7. Many thanks Chuck, I have been trying to find this article of yours so this link is great. Have saved all of your photo's for reference. again many thanks. Ian
  8. If I was to change my Tamiya 1/32 scale F4E to a slatted wing version using Isracast's resin conversion, what other points would need changing? Thanks, didn't include this in last post as may have confused issue Ian
  9. ianr

    F4E seats

    I am just about to start my Tamiya F4E in 1/32 scale and have all resin aftermarket accessories that you can get, only thing is the seats are a query. I have the Avionix cockpit with seats and also the Quickboost F4 seats, now they are quite similar to a point but if you are into nit-picking , then they are definatly not identical, question being- which ones should I be using for accuracy? Hoping for a reply or two please Ian
  10. I too tend toward this view, since F4 and F14, nothing really compares for downright sexiness !!!!! Cheers , Ian
  11. ianr

    av8b canopy

    Thanks Rob, This will solve my problem nicely, do not need imediatly so have back ordered. thanks, Ian
  12. ianr

    av8b canopy

    As I am getting help on various subjects thought I would throw this one in. The zig zag thingy is I assume either a heating element or some similar item? How do you build this into the canopy, I am talking Trumpeter's AV8B 11 PLUS IN 1/32 AND AM REALLY HAVING ISSUES WITH THIS ITEM. Thanks Ian
  13. ianr

    photo etch

    Just wanted some insight as to how you attach things such as formation lights and their surround edges which are incredibly fine, what sort of glue and what is the best way to go about it. I haven't used photo etch before so a bit of advice please.
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