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  1. As someone about to start building ships I was amazed at the lack of options for anything modern.. Aside from a rather complete OH Perry sheet.
  2. I built the Hasegawa kit and I thought the insert for the cockpit and the wing joints left something to be desired. But that's to say I had to actually fill a joint and do actual modeling work. If I had a need for a second Typhoon in the collection I would gladly give Italeri a try.
  3. Yes.. the 30 year old Airfix kit is the right shape. It just needs about double the kit price in resin to make it meet modern standards. So then you are only out $60 total, and you probably did less sanding than you would on a Kinetic kit.
  4. I guess those of us who think the Monogram F-106 needs no replacement are a minority. However, I will be waiting to pre-order one of these 2 seaters. If they make a single seater with the gun pack I may consider that.
  5. From the USAF Personnel center: "MAJCOM or Theater Commanders may authorize DFDU to be worn duringcontingencies, exercises, deployments and tactical training requiring desert camouflage as appropriate for climatic conditions" So green is still the primary color of flight suit.
  6. The C is a short nose. Academy has not yet made a long nose. I suspect if and when they do the E/F/G parts will all be in there. I would expect the J/S/N boxings to hit first though.
  7. This may be just me but I am thinking Gunship Gray over ADC gray.
  8. Because this will be a low demand kit (but one I certainly plan on buying) Please, please PLEASE include a boarding ladder.. Just one of those details I like having so I can pose something like this like it's on the ramp ready to go fly. If at all possible.. I can always fake one out of wire but thats a pain.
  9. If you can get it I like Gunze for the tri color scheme.
  10. Seconded.. And don't neglect the Js the RAF took on for a few years.
  11. it means that Japan, Israel, and maybe a couple other nations with the finances would have bought F-22s if we had cleared it for foreign military sales, thus lowering the unit price for everyone. And now the line is shut down.
  12. For the shipboard crash there was one in the Falklands that took a pretty good hit on the deck of a ship.
  13. Someone already makes an excellent S-3 cockpit in 1/72 that actually includes all 4 positons. I have used it and I was impressed
  14. Captoveur

    1/48 B-29

    Has Gaston ever actually completed a model? I have a recent pop of the B-29. It has some flash, but otherwise it looks totally buildable. You can either build the Monogram one, or hold your breath for Tamiya to come out with one I guess.
  15. Personally, my most oddball load on a C is 4 Sparrows, a Gun Pod, and 4 AIM-4 Falcons. with outboard tanks. Not something you see often. I lifted the Falcons out of the Encore F-102
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