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  1. Very Very nice. The Mig 23/27 Family has such complicated lines.They really are fasinating to look at. Well done..
  2. Very pretty I like it alot. MR Jennings,Is it as bad as a DC-9 pressure bulkhead?
  3. My dad put an airplane into a boat, drunk killing only 4,thanks dad,1 was my brother.
  4. Get that TU done yet?

  5. Looking for item for trade / sale from the TV show 1979ish.
  6. Second tier cargo operations will gobble them up and fly them till the wings fall off! Nothing makes more money than a whale, especially when you can buy them cheap. If they have Pratt's on them you can fly them "on condition" forever.
  7. Nice looking bird. Good work. I'll use that decal advice.
  8. Good to see them mix up the podium with some different faces.I saw Wind Tunnel later that night and they were looking for champ predictions and I thought to myself how impatient could you be? Their not even half way thru the season and with this many winners, how can you predict anything?I still like Vettel but it would be cool to see Kimi do good.
  9. WOW. Great subject Great build
  10. Your right.I have the Curtiss R3, but its something I probably won't build and it's weird enough I thought some one else might be interested. Sorry for the sketchy post.
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