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  1. I have more pictures but cannot upload them due to the 100K limitation. Will figure it out.
  2. It is a long term project lasting for 4 years. I also get invaluable advice here: I've made few aircrafts and mostly just building "targets". It is not a good idea to start with such a horrible kit. But even through I just love it, after realizing it is just so accurate. What support me to finish this project is this paint scheme is my favorite for flanker and very rarely made. Had any big name like flankerman ever attempt it, there would be no reason for me continue. Kit: 1/72 ICM Su-27 Decals: begemot Aftermarket: aires cockpit set and nozzles, palva vacuum canopy, dream model pitot and external PE .
  3. Do you mean the IRST ball in airfix kit is solid? I just learned about that. I also have a hasegawa sea flanker kit, where the wind shield and IRST ball are separate, may be it can be used. The only problem is what to with the rest of the kit
  4. Finally...comes the expert. Thanks for your instruction, which is very educaitonal, although it is too late as I've already cut the ball off. In the weekend I tried to melt the wind shield a little bit to fill the hold, and not surprisingly, screwed it up. I'm thinking about purchasing the resin correction set from neomega, which contains two windshields and therefore two more chance
  5. I contacted haneto and he said the 1/72 havsn't been ready for sale. Thanks anyway.
  6. Thanks Andre. I've never done this before so therefore that gonna be the last thing for me to do. But I just find it not that hard than I think and worth trying. Thanks for your link again.
  7. Hi Folks, I'm working on a white 595 flanker of test pilot aerobatic team for an ICM kit. The first thing to do is removing the IRST ball from the wind shield. That looks trivial However after seeing real pictures like following, I found the hole after removing the ball is too big, and it cannot be filled with plastic card, instead, should also be clear. Unfortunately, in most of the flanker kits, the wind shield and IRST are moulded together. But I believe there must some way to fill the hole with clear part without seam as people here like flanker man has done this before. Any comments are appreciated. Cheers
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