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  1. Wow, This looks incredible!! Tell me how much and where to email it to, 🙂 I'm officially impressed. I'm now working out mesh patterns in my head. I'm hoping the Covid don't take me before I get to buy this from you, Stephen
  2. In case you do some NAVAIR birds: [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] Hey, how did this get in here? [/URL] Regards, Stephen Mudgett
  3. 11bee, Soulfreak, Thanks Guys, For the kind words. Stephen
  4. Mark, As always, your stuff is excellent. We do the tradeashow display mountings for White Mountain Puzzles (They're local). Glad to see they are printing something decent for a change;) Best regards, Stephen
  5. The last two for now. [/url] [/url] [/url] Regards, Stephen
  6. I Mask & Airbrush, as well as utilize the various 'pixel herding' tools found in Adobe Photoshop. As I said above, the pilot's head is a colorized, reduced and flipped B/W photo composited to a painted body. I only do Aircrew on Helos, due to the need to animate the blades for optimum placement of the Fuselage on a printed sheet. The Stencils (which are accurate and legible, I might add) are fonts I utillize as well. Note the difference between the pilot's face and the painted face of the door gunner. I paint conventionally, with digital brushes,tools and masks. Look back (way back)a
  7. elebenbee, Thnx Dude. Though it may be hard to see on the print... Get Some. ;)/> Gray, Your stuff is so Lavish! Apologies for loosing touch, business is down. I'm adapting to neighbors that are trying to help me "come out of my shell" (having absolutely no clue how essential solitude is to an Artist/Modeler?!) :o/> Bless 'em, for tryin'. The food is good, though ;)/> Stephen
  8. Thankyou for the nice words. There is some really exceptional work posted here by everyone. Stay tuned, Stephen
  9. Flown by (then) 2nd Lt. Jack Thomas with Over 300 Combat missions during the 1963 deployment to South VietNam. Crop of detail, aircrew, Rotor & Hub still to do. Rotor & Hub just finished Yankee Sierra 55 with the Red Wings seen on these birds when they were back stateside at MCAS New River. Aircrew finished. The Pilot's head is a colorized b/w photo, reversed and composited to a painted body. The photo is of the Print recipiant, Jack Thomas. Regards, Stephen
  10. mudrat

    Longhorn 02

    Thank you, guys, Really kind words from you all. These things start out as chore that must be done. Eventually I find I don't want to stop working on them. Regards, Stephen
  11. Finished this yesterday. For the Skipper of NAS Fallon's SAR TEAM. His retierment prese Regards, Stephen
  12. Funny you should say that, since until just recently, photos on your website in the past contained no watermarks.
  13. Given that you don't own the copyrights to the photos, why watermark them. They only ruin the pictures. I quit veiwing your sight after a few minutes. Probably won't return if watermarks continue.
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