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  1. Hi, Like Berkut said why bother when Kinetic (ex-Aviation Art) made the perfect SU-33? I've got the SU-33 and I can only say WOW. The Su-33 from Kinetic can't be better and NO update set needed. Greetings, Michel
  2. Thanks for the nice comments and sorry I'm no diorama builder. Next one is the Zoukei Mura J7W1 (all weathered) and the Su-33 from Kinetic.
  3. Hi, My latest build is the Me-163 from Dragon with the CMK cockpit set. I call it 'Tested and forgotten'. Greetings, Michel
  4. Aigore, This is one of the best you're making so far. Greetings, Michel
  5. Why isn't this placed in the Critique's Corner because this is stunning!
  6. Keep it coming. I also got one in my stash. So it can give me te urge to build mine.
  7. Hi, Does anyone has the B-58 Fox One decals in 1 48th scale? I'm just looking for one B-58 and not the whole sheet. Willing to pay for it. Greetings, Michel
  8. I like this alot. Very well done. I hope to see it at the modeling contest.
  9. You're right about that and I'm going to weather that one also.
  10. Hi, My Eduard Hawker Tempest TT.5 OOTB. Greetings, Michel
  11. Very good looking Mirage. That brings some memories from my childhood days where I looked out of my window on a wednesday afternoon where a Mirage V made a low pass on his side between our house and another row of houses.:) How dirty the underside was.
  12. Hi, Where can I find pictures from Telford IPMS UK from this year? Michel
  13. Because I'm from Belgium it's Always great to see a model from BAF. And certainly a 2 seater. Very good model.
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