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  1. B_Realistic

    CR 42 Mario Visentini

    You did a good job.
  2. B_Realistic

    1/48 Hobby Boss SU-33 New kit..

    Hi, Like Berkut said why bother when Kinetic (ex-Aviation Art) made the perfect SU-33? I've got the SU-33 and I can only say WOW. The Su-33 from Kinetic can't be better and NO update set needed. Greetings, Michel
  3. B_Realistic


    Thanks for the nice comments and sorry I'm no diorama builder. Next one is the Zoukei Mura J7W1 (all weathered) and the Su-33 from Kinetic.
  4. B_Realistic


    Hi, My latest build is the Me-163 from Dragon with the CMK cockpit set. I call it 'Tested and forgotten'. Greetings, Michel
  5. B_Realistic


    Aigore, This is one of the best you're making so far. Greetings, Michel
  6. B_Realistic

    Academy F-4B

    Why isn't this placed in the Critique's Corner because this is stunning!
  7. B_Realistic

    He 219 A

    Keep it coming. I also got one in my stash. So it can give me te urge to build mine.
  8. B_Realistic

    Searching for B-58 Fox one decals

    Hi, Does anyone has the B-58 Fox One decals in 1 48th scale? I'm just looking for one B-58 and not the whole sheet. Willing to pay for it. Greetings, Michel
  9. B_Realistic

    MV-22B Osprey

    I like this alot. Very well done. I hope to see it at the modeling contest.
  10. B_Realistic

    Hawker Tempest TT.5

    You're right about that and I'm going to weather that one also.
  11. B_Realistic

    Hawker Tempest TT.5

    Hi, My Eduard Hawker Tempest TT.5 OOTB. Greetings, Michel
  12. B_Realistic

    Revell/Esci Mirage V BAF 1/48

    Very good looking Mirage. That brings some memories from my childhood days where I looked out of my window on a wednesday afternoon where a Mirage V made a low pass on his side between our house and another row of houses.:) How dirty the underside was.
  13. Hi, Where can I find pictures from Telford IPMS UK from this year? Michel
  14. B_Realistic

    Mirage V BD Belgian AF - 1/48

    Because I'm from Belgium it's Always great to see a model from BAF. And certainly a 2 seater. Very good model.