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  1. Ten Years After, like the band is called, I would like to ask if the set for the 1/32 F-4EJ Kai Black Panthers is still available.
  2. Thanks! I used my cellphone for the pics. It's a Samsung that wasn't on sale in Greece. A relative sent it to me from Australia. Normally, I use an Olympus SP-550UZ, but if you like these, I'll keep using my phone!
  3. I reached a point where I couldn't stand building it any more, but I didn't want to throw it out of my garage door, so... The project didn't work out with the white glue and some brown paint, but at least it's not at the garbage... It needs a lot to call it finished, so I didn't meet the deadline. Nevermind... At least I will try to finish it.
  4. Hello seiran01, Happy New Year! I was wondering what is the cost of shipping to Greece for Revell B-1B. And what is the code number of the kit. Thank you!
  5. This is, by far, the worst kit I've vere tried to build... I will build it just to have it built. The rear axle was also missing, so I made another one from stretched sprue.
  6. Can someone remind me if the seats are painted in interior grey? And the seats and wall at the back, are green or the interior color, too?
  7. Thanks RKic! There are many theories. Both words are ancient, but Greece comes from the word ''grikao'' that means ''understand''. Hellas comes from one of Zeus's sons in Hellenic mythology. His name was Ellin. ( Hellas is pronounced Ellas in my language. ) At the times of Homer, the word ''Ellin'' was asociated to an ancient race in Thessaly with Achilles as their leader. Also Hellas comes from the words El and Las which mean: El = ''Light'' Las = ''Stone'' or ''Soil'' That's why many people call my country ''The country that has given light to the world''. Take a look at our
  8. Thanks Bravosierra001 but I am in Hellas ( or Greece as inaccurately is said) so the postage might cost a lot. I haven't glued the fuselage yet, because I found out that the whole engine is missing!! So I tried to build something to hold the rotor. I used an 1/48 bomb from the spares box and a piece of plastic. I don't know how it will fit, but I will give it a try!
  9. A friend of mine gave me this kit. He didn't want it and he didn't ask for any money. I checked the parts and found out that an elevator stick was missing, so I tried to make a new one from lengths of plastic. This is what I managed to do. Yestaerday I found out that the hole engine is missing!!! I will just try to put some pieces of plastic, as little will be seen. It will be something very easy, simple and quick.
  10. Thanks for the info ikar. I will leave the kit aside for now, in order to finish two other kits for a show late in October and then I will start the Hog.
  11. Hello! I will participate with a helicopter from Monogram. Poor fit in some aeas and I lost a pitch stick... :angry:/>
  12. Hello guys! My name is Stathis. I live in Hellas (Greece). I would like to make a trade if it is possible. I have a Classic Airframes 1/48 Fairey Battle. I would like to trade it with: 1) Tamiya 1/48 F-16 C/N Aggressor/Adversary or 2) GWH 1/48 MiG-29 9-13 I will ship almost everywhere in the world. Each one will pay for his own shipping. Cheers, Stathis
  13. I have an F6F-3 from Eduard in 1/48 scale. Send me a message if you are interested. Cheers, Stathis
  14. Hello! If the deal is not made, how much do you ask for the A-10 package, including shipping to Greece? Also, do you sell the A-10 without the aftermarket?
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