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  1. I appreciate the feedback. I always like hearing from anyone with the experience. Here is a pic of my USS Chevalier in 1/144 (Revell). Still a work in process. Need to add some PE railings and the rigging. (Ugh!)
  2. I thought I saw some weapons sets from Bandai on Ebay for the Defiance.
  3. Thank you for the good advice! I appreciate it.The Schnellboot looks to be kind of what I'm looking for. I also looked at the Academy 1/350 scale USS Oliver Hazard Perry: https://academyhobby.com/product/detail.html?product_no=230&cate_no=24&display_group=1 About half the size of the 1/144. Scott
  4. Hi all! I am normally an aircraft modeler, but recently I started building Revell's 1/144 Fletcher Class Destroyer. It is a daunting project for me but I am making headway. What I like about the build is the size. My fat fingers need all the help I can get. My question is, I want to try and build another ship but want to go with either 1/350 or 1/700. I would like to try one of the newer or modern US Navy destroyers, such as the USS Cole, or another Arleigh Burke Class ship. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kit? 1/350 seems a bit more relevant for the size I'm looking for but how complicated are they? Should I start with a 1/700? The 1/144 Fletcher is a bit daunting but maybe the experience will lend it self well to a smaller one? Thanks! Scott
  5. I am looking for the photo-etch railings for the Revell 1/144 Fletcher class destroyer. This is the Eduard part number 53041. I can go to Eduard directly but trying to avoid that. Thanks! Scott
  6. If anyone has a spare canopy from the Hobby Boss kit 80342 1/48 A-7A Corsair II please let me know. I looked on the Hobby Boss site and the website shows a spare part service but I get an error when I try to launch it. Your help is appreciated! Thanks! Scott
  7. I did contact Joseph at Fireball and he is looking into producing some decals for the 118th helo. Very nice guy and very helpful! Thanks again! Scott
  8. Thanks Mike! I appreciate it!! Scott
  9. Thanks Ray! Very much appreciated!
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