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  1. Hi Moe : Yes, they're unique - thanks anyway for looking. Best P
  2. Hi Moe - Thanks for your reply. Yes - it's the F for Freddie markings that I'm Jonesing for - TPF/RB222! Best Paul
  3. Looking for the Aeromaster 48-059 "Storms In The Sky I" decal sheet. Thanks. Paul pauldoe (at)hotmail (dot) com
  4. Hi All: Selling kits I probably won't get to. Cover shot: $60 plus shipping and handling - US only - Paypal please. I'm in 94402 Calif. Cheers Paul
  5. Hi all: Looking for this decal - please email me if you have a spared unused one -thanks! Best Paul pauldoe(at)hotmail dot com
  6. Hi all: Here's a 1972 FDR cruise on-deck pic of BuNo 157298 for anyone using the sheet - beautiful. Compare with this shot during the 71 Med cruise - Note paint differences (e.g., canopy rail). Enjoy! P
  7. Link: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....4+intakes\
  8. Hi Jeff: Sent an email to you re Eduard 8161 Fokker Dr.1 Dual Combo Sealed Bag $23 - please reply directly to my email address in the pm. Thanks, P.
  9. Jeff's a good guy to deal with ! Recently bought some stuff from him - fast, no nonsense service. P.
  10. Got any in progress pix - would love to see!
  11. Hi Ric - Thanks, that's exactly the kind of conversion I'm talking about - I should have mentioned I wasn't planning on using a 'G as the base (although you'll need one for the engines). However, were the 'F's engine pods exactly the same as the G's J57's? I seem to recall there being differences in the alternator arrangements. P.
  12. Hi all: I'd like to do this backdate in order to do Jimmy Stewart's B-52F 57-0149 - any ideas how difficult this would be - without having to use a Golden Dragon resin set? Cheers, P.
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