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  1. Roger that, good to go! Much appreciated, All, WARDOG
  2. Hi Quixote74, Appreciate the response. Your pic definitely shows the Dawn Gray extending to at least past the translating cowl. As mentioned above, some aircraft types (A-7D, F-15) have about six feet of the surrounding body color extending into the intake and then the rest of the intake up to the compressor blades is gloss white. I realize the extra light was coming in from the open translating cowl on the picture Jim sent me but it seemed to get a bit lighter farther down the trunk. Getting closer to the correct answer, WARDOG
  3. Thanks for the info, Mr. Vark! I am using my (61-year) old eyes here and it looks like the intake becomes Gloss White right about where there appears to be a small kink in the trunking (on the right-hand side) but, that may be an optical illusion. I was thinking it was sort of like on F-15s and A-7Ds where the intake is the same color as the fuselage for about the first six feet and then it's Gloss White for inspection purposes. Great pic and Thank You again for your help and your service to the country, Respectfully, Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs Flew Navy! (Training Command)
  4. Hi All, Anyone know how far the light gray (FS36492 Dawn Gray) color extends into the intake trunk on the "Sparkvark"? I can't seem to find any decent walkaround pictures to determine how far back the color goes into the intake. I know it's not like the white used on say, the Aussie F-111C where it's on the cowls and goes up to the first-stage compressor blades. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, WARDOG
  5. All great points, Gents. I'm working on a Syrian MiG-29 and am trying to figure out the upper (maybe Neutral?) Gray. I KNOW it's not the usual Gray-Green used on Russian birds. I will probably try to use AKAN paints but if something else works, I'll use that. I MIGHT have gotten the correct AKAN colors for my MiG-23ML by eye-balling them from photos but I haven't bought the paints yet so, we'll see. Also working on a Mozambican An-74 so the quest for the "correct" dark gray upper, and medium gray lower colors continues! This color stuff can drive you crazy, if you let it! Cheers, WARDOG
  6. Yep, First impulse was "too good to be true!" "Haupa iko matata!" (We have a problem here!). Thanks All, WARDOG
  7. Thanks for the replies, guys! Hertem, I didn't complete an order but it didn't say anything about using PayPal in the "Payment" section. If you can use PayPal, I MIGHT just give it a shot! Please give me a PM when you find out what's going on with them. Helmsman, Yeah, I am a little leery about the vagueness of the site info sections and the English syntax. They don't say where they've located, etc., etc. I looked them up on Google and found out the site has been up for only about two or three months. We'll see, WARDOG
  8. Hi All, Just wanted to know if anyone here has any experience or insight in using the Preemiumc site to purchase kits and other items? They have decent prices but don't use PayPal and have only been around for over a month. Possibly to good to be true. Don't want to use a credit/debit card just anywhere! WARDOG
  9. Another vote for 1/72nd scale! Beautiful work! I'm also with JackMan on a more accurate Rafale kit (the "M" for me!). Italeri was a prototype with lots of wrong/missing details and Hobby Boss has a kit with nice details (EXCEPT the missing IRST ball clearly shown on the box!) but alas, under-scale. Revell would be a nice choice to get this right. WARDOG
  10. Hi All, Can someone please steer the old plane-driver to who, what size, and where I can get some 72nd scale chains to make the anti-missile ones used on Merkava tank turrets? It just seems like an unrealistic short-cut to use the plastic ones. I usually build aircraft but have some targets (err..!) armor kits mixed in there. All help appreciated. Thanks, WARDOG
  11. Hi All, After spending $23.00 on a decal sheet that I will only be using one option from, I decided to try to trade some of my spare decals for (hopefully) some of yours or, see if The Decal Bank is still operating! I can send scans if you want. My Wants List is below. I will also buy the decals I'm looking for if they're available. PLEASE PM me or email me at; glynnj@swbell.net. So here goes; FOR TRADE Caracas CD72080 AV-8B Harrier II+: VMA-214 (hi-viz), VMA-542 (hi-viz), Italian Navy + full set of stencils. BONUS: Wolfpak 72-056 VMA-513 option. Model Maker Asian Fulcrums II: MiG-29A Iran, MiG-29UB Iran options. CAM 72-031 Navy Prowler's: VAQ-139 "Cougars", VAQ-136 "Gauntlets" (C.O.). Full sheet. Two Bobs 72-055 Osan's Assam Dragons: A-10A 51st OG option + full stencils (missing small PACAF badges for engine nacelles). Wolfpak 72-041 KC-135T/R: 22nd, 92nd, 916th ARW, 931st ARG options. BONUS: KC-135A tail-bands and badges (x3). Dekl's C-130 Cockpits: C-130E, H, J instrument panels + instrument rack templates. Full sheet. WANTS Cut then Add 72-015 1st Gen. Harriers: Low-viz Indian Navy Sea Harrier option. Linden Hills Bush War Hinds: Sudanese option. Wolfpak Decals: ANY gray-schemed F-16C option. Kitsworld 172141 OV-10 Broncos: Philippines Air Force option. Hasegawa kit 00444 F-16B+: 8thTFW "Wolfpack" option. MicroScale 72-027 EA-6B Prowler: VMAQ-1 "Banshees" Hi-viz option (bottom of sheet). Thanks for looking, updates soon, WARDOG
  12. Hi All, Can someone tell me what type of pod that is sometimes carried by B-52Hs under the left wing (opposite the Sniper pod under the right wing)? And now, if Res-kit would produce that pod and pylon in 72nd scale (along with the Sniper pod pylons for BUFFS and BONES), I could probably be satisfied with my Hobby! Thanks, WARDOG
  13. Thanks Again, Flankerman and Modelkeenfan! I am now one step closer to getting SOMETHING done! Cheers, WARDOG
  14. As usual Ken, You are The Man! Now, can you give me some insight on the landing gear light blue-Gray color you use. I'm almost there on getting my color sets built out for my 72nd Su-27 build. Thanks, WARDOG
  15. It would be nice if SOMEONE would make an after-market set for the internal (and external) gear particular to these birds or its' s gonna take a LOT of scratch-building to get any of these kits up-to-speed! Happy Modeling, WARDOG
  16. Hello All, I fancy building a nice, cranked-arrow winged F-7 in 72nd scale. I have the Bilek MiG-21 F-13 kit and the old KP MiG-21 kit and will modify the Bilek kit by using the KP wings and other assorted mods to see if I can't make a nice F-7 model. (Perhaps I should just buy the excellent Revell F-13 and accessories as a starting point!) Of course, after I go through the trouble of modifying the wings and making or buying extras, someone like Omega Models comes out with their kit. I don't know anything about their kits but, I have a bird in my hands so.... We'll see how this goes! WARDOG
  17. VERY nice kit! I have the old Heller kit and some Pavla resin to make a Swiss RS (just need to get the proper, heavier nose-gear strut!) but, if I didn't, I would sure hope they made an RS for me! WARDOG
  18. Ah, le deluge! Well, this is not a b....ing and moaning session but some quick observations. . I am seriously desiring to build a 1/72nd HB Lynx HAS.2 or .4(FN) from their Royal Navy HAS.2 kit. The problem is, there are a number of issues to get over; The box says Royal Navy HAS.2 but shows a French Mk.2 (FN) There are no BERP blades (go see Pavla!) Seats are wrong for cockpit and cabin (go see Pavla!) No rescue winch supplied, but shown on box art (go see Pavla!) Antennas are for the British toupee, not FN BY Wrong sponsons types (go see Pavla!) Engine couplings are for different engine and wrong (go see NeOmega!) Tail boom stabilizer should be shorter, squared tip type, and wrong Side observation foot windows too small and wrong shape Rotor head seems to sit too low and, Painting guide shows Sea Skua missiles but none supplied, (or used on FN birds). OK, seems like HB is false advertising or maybe not too well informed! By the time I bought all that resin, the kit would be around $50.00! And, I doubt the gear could handle all the extra resin weight! So maybe I will use my old, steady Airfix kit and swipe the BERP blades and correct tail rotor and mod the stabilizer from my Mk.8 kit. Then, get the Pavla sponsons, interior, and export seats (and hoping they fit!) to go along with the NeOmega engine cowlings and nice Berna Decals I already have to try and pull this off. I will probably buy the HB kit just to get the intake covers (to use as templates for some scale screens made of tea bags), for the correct torpedoes and racks, and anything else I could scrounge up that might be useful. Still looks close to a $50.00 project for a small, 72nd scale helo! I LOVE my Hobby! Well then, sounds like a nice, semi-quarentined, modeling project. And now, to stress-out over the correct colors! Sans soussi, (without sorrow) WARDOG
  19. Dave beat me to it, there were no E' s used in Vietnam, they weren't fielded until late 1973. WARDOG
  20. Or... Make a vertical silicone copy (an old film canister is great for this) of the forward section (up to about 1/3 of the fins) of the missile. After the mold has cured, remove the missile and cut off the seeker nose. Add a few drops of Elmer's white glue or MicroScale clear window-making liquid, re-insert missile and let it dry. Voila! Clear seeker noses. WARDOG
  21. Hi Rob, Appreciate the help, still feeling my way around on the internal and external paints! I bet the next day after I paint her, someone will have the correct colors in a nice, neat info packet! :-) WARDOG
  22. Hi Spejic, I sure would like your help. I have the ECM lumps and bumps from the Hasegawa TA-4J so I'm covered there. Would like to get the nose cone shape correct (and make resin copies), add the intake scoop on the upper fuselage, and of course, change the cockpit control stick and instrument panel. I also have the Condor Decals. They are a little thick for my tastes so I'll try to replace them or maybe try copying them to some thinner decal paper. I have been wishing some after-market company would make the resin nose, cockpit, and ECM parts for the Fujimi kit and we had some better decals but, after about ten years of begging and hoping, it looks like I'm on my own! Please PM me at glynnj@swbell.net Thanks, WARDOG Apologies for stepping on your topic, Fred!
  23. Hi All, Can anybody tell me if the internal cargo bay color for the Transall is RAL 7028 Dunklegelb or RAL 8020 Gelbbraun? I have the beautiful Revell kit but the color cited is a mix of their (hard-to-come-by in the U.S.) paints. Any help would be appreciated, WARDOG
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