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  1. Thanks Collin, Got it. May have to shift to another bird to be historically accurate. Take Care, WARDOG
  2. Hi Sigtau, I'm actually building the 72nd scale bird. I build exclusively in 72nd scale. Sorry I couldn't help, WARDOG
  3. Thanks for the fast responses, fellas! Gator 52, Yes, I'm doing The 72nd scale kit. I hadn't seen the Reaper birds with the Snipers either. I was hoping maybe The Dark Knight might have gotten the Sniper before she left the Reapers. A-10 Loader, appreciate the site info. I now have to switch squadrons again, just don't care to much for the 7th CG/CC markings as much! Take Care, WARDOG
  4. Hi All, Anybody know when the Sniper pods were first used on B-1s? I fancy building the "Dark Knight" as she appeared with the "Reapers" around 2005 or so (instead of as the current 7th OG/CC bird) and need to know if I can correctly install a Sniper pod and pylon on her. All help appreciated, WARDOG
  5. Hey Dutch, I do have a couple of them from my EA-6B because I'll be only using three on my Prowler build. I've got to get some better decals from UpRise for VMAQ-1 and I'll be ready to get it done. I think the MicroScale decals I have are a little "off" concerning the Banshee's head shape. I have a resin cockpit so if I do decide to put resin intakes on her (Don't care to or trust buying Russian stuff now!), it'll be a wrap! Sorry I couldn't help you sooner but glad you have what you need. Let me know if you need some lo-viz decals for the pods.
  6. Hello Countess, There is/was an F-15E site that had quite a few graphically-depicted bomb loads but I don't remember where it is. If you do a search on "F-15E bomb loads", you might come up with some interesting information. Good Luck, WARDOG
  7. Hi Fer, Good to hear from you! I hope all is well! I will contact you soon. Take Care, Glynn
  8. Oh, I should include a 1/72nd scale late UH-1N from the Marine Corps with all the lumps and bumps and weps. Looks like NOBODY will produce a resin update set for the decent Italeri kit, so.......! WARDOG
  9. Domo-arigato, Lance-San! Thank You for the excellent info and the quick response! I had taken the pylon off the sprues and put it in the "Not used parts" box and forgotten about it! Glad I was able to remember where it was! I'll definitely put the info to good use! Appreciated it, WARDOG
  10. I would also like a new 1/72nd; HH-3 Jolly Green CH-54A Tarhe and, HH-3F Italian Air Force S.A.R. bird. WARDOG
  11. Anybody know where to find pictures of or what type pylon is carried by the Marine Corps Harrier? I am building a 72nd scale bird and would like to include a Lantirn pod on the centerline. Any help is appreciated, WARDOG
  12. WOW! I just MIGHT have to have a kit and a set of those decals!
  13. Thank You for the enlightenment!
  14. Looks more like a captive French Air-to-Air missile used in ACM. I can't remember the missile type but it is used in ACM by removing the fins. WARDOG
  15. Hi Roy, How are things going? I don't have any spares to help you out because I am also using the Hasegawa pilots I have on my SH-3H AEW and my SH-2G builds but yes, the Hasegawa UH-60s also have the same basic pilots (plus two door gunners and four infantryman). As my Old Friend Dutch says, the PJ Rescue Crews also make for some good-looking pilots and crew. I have a few of those for my Hobby Boss/Hasegawa hybrid SH-60 build and they certainly fit the bill! Take Care, WARDOG
  16. Hmm.....looking at the fuselage color leads me to believe this is an Army Black Hawk, not a Navy SH-60. That being said, I can't see why an aircraft that would be exposed to salty sea air WOULDN'T have some kind of protective coating on those parts. WARDOG
  17. OK, Hoops. I see there are some specific parts that you need from the Italeri sheet. Doing well and hope you guys are also. Take Care, Glynn
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