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  1. AFAIK the PSI is shown on the bottle of Alclad?
  2. Hi everyone. Finally I completed my first model since primary school :) Tamiya 1/12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S, I think it came out ok for a first one. Drilling out the brake discs wasn't fun though... PS - Can you spot the mistake?
  3. Cobus


    So no Su-27 in Ukraine splinter camo then?
  4. Hi, Currently I am building the Tamiya 1/12 Ducati 1199 Panigale, and I have sprayed the fairings in the required red and a generous coat of Tamiya X-22 clear. My question is regarding the finishing of the final clear coat. At what grit do I swop over from Micromesh cloths to the Tamiya polishing compound? I have all the grits from 3600 upwards, and the compounds from coarse to fine to finish.
  5. Next time try these from Tamiya: My link
  6. I was referring to the gap on the sides, not the bottom ;)
  7. Ok, so I am building the Hasegawa F-22A Raptor in 1/48 scale, and I added some aftermarket goodies such as Brassin Wheels, and Aires Cockpit, Wheel Wells and Exhaust Nozzles. Problem is that the fit of the Wheel Wells and Exhaust Nozzles are atrocious (or I am missing something). Nozzle kit part: Aires part: Nice fat gap, and no, the supplied photo etch doesn't nearly fill the gap. Aires wheel wells, doesn't matter how I move them around, there remains quite a gap. If I move it to close the gaps on the left: and closing the gaps on the right: Matchups between kit and resin parts
  8. The HF acid I know is the type they use at fuel refineries (to increase the octane rating I think, I'm a mechanical engineer not chemical :P ) and that stuff is HORRIBLE. The maintenance crew uses fully sealed environmental suits when they work on the HF related equipment. Definitely not something I want to be around...
  9. I will be using Tamiya's own Lacquer Thinner, can I do the same with it?
  10. I have tried all sorts of forums and Google, and I don't have a definitive answer. Do you build it up in several light layers only or do you spray a light layer or two followed by a wet coat?
  11. Here is an example of my efforts airbrushing X-18 thus far: The photo exaggerates the graininess a bit, but it is there. I built it up using several mist coats, followed by a 'light' wet coat. Is that the actual finish or can I improve it? Further info: This is in Khobar Saudi Arabia, temp mid 20 degrees Celsius. I used AK-Interactive Retarder in the mix, and thinned with Tam X-20A acrylic thinner. Would it improve the finish if I thinned the paint with Tam Lacquer Thinner perhaps?
  12. I see now I worded my question poorly. I need a black gloss coat for Alclad Chrome/Polished Aluminium, and I only have that in Tamiya acrylic. So the question is: will covering the Alclad primer with Tamiya Gloss Black acrylic followed by the Alclad high shine paint work?
  13. I should've checked this before buying.... I really wanted the Tamiya Fine Primer for the job, but being in Saudi Arabia would've meant waiting for up to 3 months <_</> So I bought Alclad Primer instead. Will there be an issue with the Tamiya acrylics over the Alclad primer or do they play together nicely?
  14. As I am severely constrained on paint product choices, I need to look at alternatives. Can I use the Tamiya PS paints for models?
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