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  1. Poppop

    Anyone else building the Roden 1/144 C-133?

    Not really.. the way the parts are designed it's only the very top of the nacelle that is causing the gap. The rest of it does mate snug against the wing. As I mentioned, the nacelles mate snug all the way on the port wing. As you can see from the pictures, there is still filing required to get a completely smooth nacelle.
  2. Poppop

    Anyone else building the Roden 1/144 C-133?

    Starboard wing after filling. You can see that the nacelles required some putty of their own.
  3. Poppop

    Anyone else building the Roden 1/144 C-133?

    I did not take photos prior to my post about the nacelles. But here is a starboard wing before filling. Will post after filling next. I will take some others of the build and post later. Charlie
  4. Poppop

    Anyone else building the Roden 1/144 C-133?

    UPDATE: My original post was based on the assembly of the starboard (right) wing and nacelles.... today I built the port (left) wing and voila.. the same nacelles fit near perfect. I am stymied...I have checked the assembly of the starboard wing and it is correct.. both halves fit and aligned without a problem. But there is still the 1mm gap at the top of both nacelles. The natural assumption is that I screwed up somehow.. and might have, although there is very little to the assembly and highly unlikely. So, I will use a sheet filler for the two gaps and wait to see if anyone else gets to this point in their build.. and then gap or no gap? Now that I have both halves, the issue is a minor one. If you have the interest... get the kit. It does have a couple of challenges.. thick sprue attachments (tiny parts take a lot of care in removing) , soft plastic, etc... but overall it is a nice representation of this giant and important aircraft.
  5. I have run into an interesting problem with my Roden 1/144 C-133. There is a 1mm gap between the top of the engine nacelle and the wing mounting point. There is a definite step in the wing attachment point. I cannot identify anything I have done.. assume I just have to use some sheet filler to fix the issue. Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. If anyone is not using the red bordered national insignia- I am willing to pay a reasonable price. TIA Charlie
  7. Poppop

    Wash for white aircraft?

    What would be the appropriate color wash to use on a white aircraft? Thanks,
  8. The Revell 1/72 B-17G kit has two alternate windscreens.... for kit number 5861 they are numbered parts 67 and 68. I need a part 68. If anyone has one, please let me know cost and shipping. Thanks for reading and for any responses. Charlie
  9. Poppop

    Wrong Forum... Sorry

    Moved to Props Forum.
  10. Poppop

    Any announced aftermarket for the GWH T-33?

    It needs a new nose! All the parts fit extremely well until I attached the nose. There is a very noticeable step between the nose and the fuselage. Multiple dry fittings proved that it could not be eliminated except with putty and sanding. But there goes the fine detailing and it is beyond my skill level to recreate it.
  11. Poppop

    P-51D/K Fundekals Stencil Decals

    Thanks Jennings for the prompt reply... it's not hard to confuse me... but your explanation was great. Now to the basement! Charlie L
  12. Poppop

    P-51D/K Fundekals Stencil Decals

    I'm ready to start applying the Fundekals P-51D/K Factory Stencil Data to my 1/32 Tamiya. But a question has arisen! The instructions say "All markings are readable when viewed from the leading edge." That statement leads me to believe that the wing stencils would be 180 degrees from what I usually do... up until now I apply the stencils so they can be read when the wing is positioned with the trailing edge closest to me. I hope this question is understandable... and my confusion can be cleared up... until the next time. Thanks to all in advance... Charlie L
  13. Poppop

    My girl

    Thoughts and prayers for sure. Keep us informed of her progress please.
  14. Poppop

    My wife's cancer...all is well

    Fantastic news for all of you. The treatment takes a tremendous amount out of her both physically and mentally... and all of you as well. Thoughts are prayers will continue as those months roll by.
  15. Poppop

    Mig 21 PF cockpit gray

    Check Linen Hill Imports. He carries a wide selection of Russian colors made by Akan. I have used a number of their colors on Mig's and am quite pleased. If you can't find the exact one you want, send him an email.