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  1. Dear all: Thank you very much for all your comments on our products. Please kindly note that the photo of the L-29 is only a very low resolution jpg generated from the CAD file. All the details and panel line depth are not showing the real case as on the plastic model. Also, the colors we used on the CAD drawings are only for showing the effect of different parts and layers. Our CAD designers are not trying to tell an L-29 will have a golden canopy indeed. We will always remember accuracy comes first. The CAD rendering photos we shown are only the introduction of our new items to all you
  2. Nice to know you :)

  3. Test shots built model of new 1/48 KFIR http://www.facebook.com/AMKHOBBY
  4. Dear All: More molds and test shot photos will come out soon. Cheer
  5. A new company from China will release a series of all new tooling 1/48 IAI KFIR. Followings are the official CAD photos.
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