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  1. What else can be said about this. I'm at the just sit and drool stage. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Fireball Modelworks (Joseph Osborn) did both the resin and decals for the 1/48 kit. He is no longer offering the set. Caracel Models offers a decal sheet for the 1/35 kit that is excellent.
  3. Nice work Hajo. Looking forward to more pictures. Where did you get the weapons. They look aftermarket.
  4. If you are referring to the window on the co-pilot side just in front of the cockpit. Best I can tell on the C model they turned the front half of the window into a battery compartment door. Not sure if they relocated the batteries, or just added the door for easier access. On the A and B models they had to open the radome to access the batteries.
  5. It's an air sensor that was removed somewhere between the C and D upgrades. All the A's and B's have them, some of the C's and none of the D's. All the C's eventually have them removed. I going to include it on mine, just because I think it looks cool.
  6. HAJO, I recently stumbled upon this website with several impressive walkarounds on it. There are three of the MH-65, two of the Charlie and one of the Delta. There are several of the search light. http://svsm.org/gallery/mh65c
  7. I can't believe the pods were used much. Great concept, but functionally and operationally not very useful. But I it would make a cool build for the office, with a row of pods. One for trauma patients, one for cardiac patients and one for pediatrics. Didn't one of the pilots sit facing the rear and could fly the helicopter when picking up sling loads?
  8. Thanks everyone for the information. I'm a flight nurse/paramedic by trade and have always wanted to build a what if/fictional civil EMS medivac Skycrane.
  9. This build is finally starting to get fun again. I was able to get the remaining doors modified and attached. Still need to make some adjustments, add handles and hydraulic struts.
  10. I've googled it, but can't seem to find any pictures of how the inside of the medical pod looked that was carried by the CH-54. Anyone seen one?
  11. It is a data marker buoy. https://www.astronics.com/productinfo?productgroup=Emergency Systems&subproduct=Emergency Beacons&subitem=Datum Marker Buoy (DMB) I used a sidewinder missile to make it.
  12. Great question. Not sure if they are like WWII mission symbols and signify a successful HITRON mission or stopping a go fast boat. I also found out that on the left side of the stabilizer is actually the unit patch, not a second Grim Reaper decal. None of the kits or aftermarket decals have it in any scale.
  13. Yes, crew of three on a HITRON mission. Do the decal instructions on Dreammodel kit say what tail number to use with the Reaper logo? I have yet to find a picture of that aircraft on the internet.
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