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  1. I don't like the red cowling cover on the front. Other than that I think it would look great.
  2. Do a search for HSC-23 Wild Cards or HSC-26 Chargers. Both had a few blue tails.
  3. Isn't there one paint scheme that has a blue tail? I think that would look great with this.
  4. I love how you take something like a poor fitting part with a gap and turn it into something that looks factory installed. Your scratch building is masterful. Thanks for the inspiration and tips. Todd
  5. I vote gray as well. Think it will bring all the colors you have used together nicely. Amazing work!
  6. I am also pondering how to fix the incorrect window shape on the rear cabin door and the omitted lower window on the pilot door. I've ordered some 0.03 clear material and think I'm going to try to replicate the entire door(s) with it. Wish me luck! Thanks for stopping by. Todd
  7. Started working on the fuselage. First order of business re-engineering the fenstron . The kit was designed to insert the assembled fenstron when the fuselage halves are joined. This would make cleaning that seam nearly impossible. My solution. I plan to thread the support rod down through the top after the fuselage is joined. This will allow unobstructed access to cleaning up that seam. The hole will be covered with the vertical stabilizer when it is glued in place. I also added the power shaft that was missing.
  8. Little update. Finished the overhead panel and glued it in place. The interior is about done short of more weathering. I still have a few odds and ends to add (rest of weapons, FLIR screen and helmets), but they will be after the everything is closed up and painted.
  9. If you need inspiration, surely you have seen this legendary build? http://www.arcair.com/Gal8/7701-7800/gal7768-CH-54A-Dognon/00.shtm
  10. I agree with chukw that if you want a standing stick going the drugstore or even online nail store is the cheapest. I like the Tropical Shine brand because they are color coded and it makes it easy to grab the grit I need. However, if you want a sponge backed sander I really like the Infini Model ones. They are available through MicroMark and like Viper730 said, an excellent product.
  11. I think one of the coolest looking grips is a AH-64 Apache.
  12. EZ line. Works like a charm. http://bobes-hobby-house.shoplightspeed.com/tags/ez-line/
  13. No, just tape holding it in place. Still have work to do on the panel. But, it's the last piece, then it's on to the rotor head and exterior. I'm hoping things will move along a little faster now. Thanks again for your kind words Oliver.
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