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  1. HAJO, I recently stumbled upon this website with several impressive walkarounds on it. There are three of the MH-65, two of the Charlie and one of the Delta. There are several of the search light. http://svsm.org/gallery/mh65c
  2. I can't believe the pods were used much. Great concept, but functionally and operationally not very useful. But I it would make a cool build for the office, with a row of pods. One for trauma patients, one for cardiac patients and one for pediatrics. Didn't one of the pilots sit facing the rear and could fly the helicopter when picking up sling loads?
  3. Thanks everyone for the information. I'm a flight nurse/paramedic by trade and have always wanted to build a what if/fictional civil EMS medivac Skycrane.
  4. This build is finally starting to get fun again. I was able to get the remaining doors modified and attached. Still need to make some adjustments, add handles and hydraulic struts.
  5. I've googled it, but can't seem to find any pictures of how the inside of the medical pod looked that was carried by the CH-54. Anyone seen one?
  6. It is a data marker buoy. https://www.astronics.com/productinfo?productgroup=Emergency Systems&subproduct=Emergency Beacons&subitem=Datum Marker Buoy (DMB) I used a sidewinder missile to make it.
  7. Great question. Not sure if they are like WWII mission symbols and signify a successful HITRON mission or stopping a go fast boat. I also found out that on the left side of the stabilizer is actually the unit patch, not a second Grim Reaper decal. None of the kits or aftermarket decals have it in any scale.
  8. Yes, crew of three on a HITRON mission. Do the decal instructions on Dreammodel kit say what tail number to use with the Reaper logo? I have yet to find a picture of that aircraft on the internet.
  9. I don't mind, but not sure of forum etiquette. Maybe it should be done with personal messages? Decals 37 and 19, the grim reaper are HITRON. They also did a cross hairs logo that Caracal included in their 1/35 sheet. I think Fireball Models did them in 1/72, but they are out of business. I'll have to look at my references to see which aircraft used them. I also was wrong about the unit name not being on the vertical stabilizer. A "HITRON" decal goes on both sides, and one on the right cabin door. None on the left cabin door. Most of this stuff I learn by just looking at pictures on the internet.
  10. Again, it is my understanding they are all stationed out of Jacksonville, however, none of the aircraft have the traditional station name on the vertical stabilizer. The only place I've seen the "HITRON" decal is on the cabin doors. There are a few different "logos" that are positioned on the vertical stabilizer. I know some HITRON aircraft are either stationed or operate off cutters. Because of their mission I assume they keep the aircraft location on the down low. In case you haven't noticed I'm a fan of the USCG and this unit is just plain bad fool in my opinion. They make shooting the engine on a boat from the cabin of a helicopter look pretty easy.
  11. From my research the mounted gun is always a M240G and it is used for laying down warning shots and protection of the aircraft. Then they carry a Barrett M107 50cal to disable the targets engine. And lastly they carry a M14 is used to protect the aircraft. I've chatted with one of the gunners and read several articles. Sounds like the progression of a typical mission is verbal warning over the radio, warning shots across the bow with with the M240, disable the engine with the Barrett and then provide air support for the boarding party with either the M240 or M14. It is my understanding it's a carry all or none.
  12. On this aircraft the pilot in command is typically on the right side and that is also the side that the door slides back and out of the way. The left door swings open like a car door so can not be opened during flight. However, before they upgraded the HH-65 for this role they did a trial using an Augusta 109E (designated the MH-68 Stingray). It had a sliding door on the left and the gunner shot out the left side on it.
  13. And the Navy is saying, if Oliver would only paint his model...
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