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  1. Hello, Thank you for the news! I didn't know that the PAF is changing her look! After the USA tour, many people thought that it is time for La Patrouille de France, to change her look and the designer Regis Rocca succeeded to change the decoration of the tail, but he dreams to repaint the aircraft completely. Here is a link in french tongue which gives some pictures and explanations; http://www.defens-aero.com/2017/11/patrouille-de-france-nouvelle-livree-derive.html
  2. Hello, Pictures to wait for the decals.. http://www.patrouilledefrance.fr/de-1517-a-1917-de-francois-ier-capitaine-guynemer-paf-rend-hommage-a-lhistoire/ found in the link above: Kind Regards
  3. Hello Kursada, Thank you for these good news. From your opinion, which is the best kit in 48 scale to go with your decals : Kinetic or PJ production ? Have a nice Sunday. Kind Regards Geronimo
  4. Hi, I just find this almost complete list here http://www.deltareflex.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=4060 N° 1 / 45 / F-TETF / Patch as des as Georges Guynemer N° 2 / 46 / F-UHRF / Patch as des as Joseph Vuillemin N° 3 / 119 / F-UGFE / Patch as des as Maurice Boyau N° 4 / 113 / F-TETD / Patch as des as Charles Nungesser N° 5 / 79 / F-TENA / Patch as des as René Fonck N° 6 / 127 / F-UGFK / Patch as des as Jean Navarre N° 7 / 152 / F-UHRT / Patch as des as René Dorme N° 8 / 68 / F-TEMO / Patch as des as Adolphe Pégoud N° 9 / 146 / F-UHRR / Patch as des as Alfre
  5. Hi, That sounds good finaly, just wanted to share this link; http://www.ffsmc.fr/index.php?/category/82 this is a good walkaround from my opinion. Please note; At that time, Alpha Jet was equipped with Martin Baker Mk4 seat, nowadays it fly with Mk10. Kind Regards
  6. ATHOS 2 (intérieur droit), Capitaine Damien BOURMAUD : Joseph Vuillemin (7 victoires). On this picture we can see S/N 46 And you are right, there is a nose art on Athos 0...
  7. Hello 82Whitey51, Taken here: https://www.traditions-air.fr/unit/photo/div_paf.htm Georges Guynemer (on Athos 1) is the most famous french ace of WW1. I think only Athos 1 to 9 have a commemorative nose art on. Hello Sir, Nice to read that ! Bon courage. Kind Regards
  8. Hi everyone ! It seems that Kinetic do release it too fast and, probably numbers and small commemorative figure are not included in the box, as we don't see the aircraft number on the tail. Nevermind, it would be great if Caracal add an up to date livery to his previous sheet, maybe will I try on a "PJ production" model kit . Kind Regards To continue.. Please click on this link : http://www.defens-aero.com/2017/03/paf-us-tour-retour-depart-patrouille-france-salon-de-provence.html You will find more photos and details about the different Heroes po
  9. Hello everyone, Kursada, have you notice that the details are now available ! http://www.patrouilledefrance.fr/le-convoyage-aller-le-debut-de-laventure/ They put some small zap under the the cokpit as you can see. Best Regards
  10. Hi Seaknight, Thank you for your reply, so i will use those from hasegawa and save some money. Have a nice week-end. Best regards
  11. Hello, I would like someone confirm me that legacy and super hornets uses the same pylons for ordnances ? Could i use these reference for my Rhino model ? http://modelwork.pl/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=56878&sid=60295afe60e5161d6f22737fb7248fb2 F/A-18 Attack Squadron 48063 Kind Regards
  12. Hello Viperjoe, This polish Viper is really well done. I have one like this in my future projects. Did you find the extended paratail in the Tamiya boxe ? (I already have order one PWPM 4823 set) Did you use the reference ModelMaker D48031 ? Do you think that the decals for CFT should be hard to put on ? because i am thinking about this jet : Kind Regards
  13. Geronimo

    ACMI Pod

    Hi, Thank you Harold and Skyhawk174 for your ideas and replies. I just hope that this pod will be accurate for a french Jaguar A which participate at a Red Flag exercise in 1992. Best Regards.
  14. Geronimo

    ACMI Pod

    Hi Harold, i am although interested with an ACMI pod, but on 1/48 scale, did you have it on your schedule ? Thank you.
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