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  1. Thanks for the info Gabor. Dennis has caused a few problems but not too serious where l live. Regards Robert
  2. Hi Gabor, are the metal schemes in natural metal or painted aluminium ? Regards Robert
  3. Great set of pictures showing the differences and the added information. Thanks looking forward to getting one. Regards Robert
  4. Nice PF Gabor the shape looks good. Can you show a picture of the underside Fowler flaps in the completed kit please. Regards Robert
  5. Thanks Gabor, looks like l will have to go aftermarket or find a simple scheme and use decals from the spare box. Regards Robert
  6. Is there no Russian markings in this kit as the original schemes showed a Russian example. Regards Robert
  7. Here is another one which the 101 appears to be black. No engine though.
  8. 'Starfighters' F-104 in 1/72 that is great news. Regards Robert
  9. Yes Gabor keep it going. I would like to see the corrections and if it would be worthwhile to do.
  10. With Eduard love of doing multiple boxing and schemes the Mig-21 is an ideal candidate so it is a shame that we will not be seeing anything for the foreseeable future. Maybe Special Hobby will pick up the mantle, they have a love of doing post war jet aircraft. Regards Robert
  11. Thanks for looking at doing a 1/72 scale sheet. Any chance of adding one of the civilian Starfighters from sheet 48062 if space permits ? Regards Robert
  12. Hi Raymond, any progress on this ? Regards Robert
  13. Great work Lucio. As you are nearing the end l think it is time to dig out one of my Hasegawa Tomcats and make a start. Regards Robert
  14. Any pics of the stencil sheet and will It be available when the sheets are available. Regards Robert
  15. Will be after those SR-71 sheets. Regards Robert
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