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  1. Thanks for looking at doing a 1/72 scale sheet. Any chance of adding one of the civilian Starfighters from sheet 48062 if space permits ? Regards Robert
  2. Hi Raymond, any progress on this ? Regards Robert
  3. Great work Lucio. As you are nearing the end l think it is time to dig out one of my Hasegawa Tomcats and make a start. Regards Robert
  4. Any pics of the stencil sheet and will It be available when the sheets are available. Regards Robert
  5. Will be after those SR-71 sheets. Regards Robert
  6. It Is the Sniper pod https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sniper_Advanced_Targeting_Pod and Eduard does one https://www.eduard.com/by-brand-manufacturer/eduard-stredisko-16-brassiny/sniper-atp-1-72.html?lang=1 Regards Robert
  7. Fantastic shots as always Gary. Is there any significance regarding the black painted wing and engine on the RC-135 ? Regards Robert
  8. Thank you very much for the detailed information.👍 Regards Robert
  9. If l wanted to do the early splinter scheme would there be any changes needed to backdate the kit ? Thanks Robert
  10. On the T1 check out the cameras on the wing tip
  11. Hi Kursad here is a picture of No6 that l found Regards Robert
  12. Thanks Gabor. That photo shows the wing leading edge perfectly, the way the light shines on it.
  13. What is the betting that a few manufacturers will bring one out at the same time. Regards Robert
  14. That is a shame as that is the one l would be after. So no chance of it being available in Hong Kong ? Regards Robert
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