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  1. Tomcat Trebor

    Exercise Cobra Warrior 2018

    A great set of photos Gary. The weather here in England is very unpredictable. Also thanks for letting us know about the future of Tornado airpower here in the UK. Robert
  2. Tomcat Trebor

    Next BIG Hobby Show??

    Its on this pdf right at the end, https://www.bigsight.jp/english/download/public/eve_cal1710e.pdf Robert
  3. Tomcat Trebor

    Next BIG Hobby Show??

    At the end of September is the 58th All Japan Model and Hobby show. Wonder what Tamiya will be showing. Robert
  4. Tomcat Trebor

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Maybe Tamiya is going to announce a B as well just to finish the family. Robert
  5. Tomcat Trebor

    1/48 Hasegawa F-14A Issues: In-flight

    Never done an inflight Tomcat, looks like l will now. Robert
  6. Tomcat Trebor

    CD144010 - 1/144 EC-121 Warning Star

    That is a good looking sheet. Robert
  7. Tomcat Trebor

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    The decal sheet will be interesting. It would be good if there was a Red Rippers one on it, just to be different. One other thing the way Tamiya created the wings a new one could be done with everything hanging. Robert
  8. Tomcat Trebor

    International shipping changes

    Well sent on the 23rd and received on the 27th is very good in my book. Robert
  9. Tomcat Trebor

    International shipping changes

    Here it is. It was over another label which I tried to remove. Robert
  10. Tomcat Trebor

    International shipping changes

    Hi just today my order arrived ok today in the UK. Robert
  11. Tomcat Trebor

    Tamiya Release Rumors?

    Tamiya Fair this weekend. Will there be something new ?
  12. At last, another missing US Navy aircraft coming soon ! http://swordmodels.cz/en/6-coming-soon
  13. Tomcat Trebor

    'New' 1/72 Academy F-100D... which plastic in the box?

    Thankfully it does not, instruction sheet http://academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00008&pCode=10256&pCategory=PLA
  14. Tomcat Trebor

    scale model shops-Central London

    There are no proper model shops in central London. There is the toy shop Hamleys that has a model section, just Revell and Airfix but the prices are higher. The shop is in Regents Street. There is an Hannants near the RAF museum but that is in Colindale but not open every day and the Aviation Hobby shop in West Drayton near Heathrow Airport. Robert
  15. Tomcat Trebor

    CD72068 - 1/72 B-45 Tornado

    Any chances of adding a corrected sheet of national insignias for all the aircraft on the sheet ?