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  1. Looking forward to the 57th FIS in 1/72. It was great to see them at airshows in the UK. Regards Robert
  2. @jenshb As the parts are for the engine l would assume it would be the parts for the F-14D as they have the same engine. Regards Robert
  3. It is amazing to see how injection processing has progressed, not one ejection pin in sight on the parts. Regards Robert
  4. Hi Gabor those seat harness are available already https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10446622. Regards Robert
  5. Here is what is inside the box, https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/Beech-C-12J.html#gallery_start Regards Robert
  6. Hello Gabor, that MER is an amazing bit of modelling. You must have a strong magnifier glasses or excellent vision, or both. Good to know about the Master static dischargers, will have to purchase some. Regards Robert
  7. Thank you Jeffery, that makes sense. Regards Robert
  8. I am confused by the picture from Gabor. It appears to be the male metal mould but it is covered with panel line details. Surely that would be on the female mould or am l missing something ? Regards Robert
  9. Ah so it was the resin item, l thought it was the Eduard item. Any chance of a detailed side view picture please . Stay Safe Regards Robert
  10. Have you seen the Aerofax Datagraph book ? https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Modeling-References/Aerofax/Datagraph/8-Northrop-F-89-Scorpion Regards Robert
  11. Can l suggest some decals for the Revell 1/48 F-86D Sabre preferably USAFE ones. Also Academy are re-releasing the kit. Regards Robert
  12. Perhaps the guy in the top right is asking if the Phantom he is holding, whether it is the Airfix or Fujimi British Phantom, can have 'hanging flaps' why cannot that happen with the FM kit. Regards Robert
  13. Looks like you have filler in the same places as mine which l am building now, the nose was the worst part. I also found that the Fowler actuators under the wing did not line up so had to cut and replace them. Regards Robert
  14. Hi Gabor, sorry for the late reply. The MF is blue 71 and to tell you the truth the sprue looks the same as it has a rounded intake ring. Will have to get the files out. Stay safe. Regards Robert
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