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  1. Can l suggest some decals for the Revell 1/48 F-86D Sabre preferably USAFE ones. Also Academy are re-releasing the kit. Regards Robert
  2. Perhaps the guy in the top right is asking if the Phantom he is holding, whether it is the Airfix or Fujimi British Phantom, can have 'hanging flaps' why cannot that happen with the FM kit. Regards Robert
  3. Looks like you have filler in the same places as mine which l am building now, the nose was the worst part. I also found that the Fowler actuators under the wing did not line up so had to cut and replace them. Regards Robert
  4. Hi Gabor, sorry for the late reply. The MF is blue 71 and to tell you the truth the sprue looks the same as it has a rounded intake ring. Will have to get the files out. Stay safe. Regards Robert
  5. Another great lesson in fixing and detailing. Regards Robert
  6. The canopy has recessed panel lines on it so just use some Tamiya masking tape and press it down into the recess with a cocktail stick then just run a sharp blade around it, slowly. Regards Robert
  7. We wait and hope, like most things in life. Regards Robert
  8. Hi Gabor some nice detailing going on here. Got my kits from Eduard the other day, MF, PF and PFM. There are going to be a lot of spares left over ! Stay Safe. Regards Robert
  9. Looking forward to how you deal with that troublesome area. Great work so far. Regards Robert
  10. Thanks Gabor just waiting for my kit from Eduard. Stay safe Regards Robert
  11. Thanks for the latest update. Did not know that the ventral fins were incorrect and your solution is useful. Are you going to add the the extra part on the end of the ventral fins used for towing the aircraft? http://www.topedge.com/panels/aircraft/sites/mats/f14-detail-towbar-01.htm. Regards Robert
  12. Airfix 1/72 U-2 with appropriate decals. Regards Robert
  13. Thanks for the info Gabor. Dennis has caused a few problems but not too serious where l live. Regards Robert
  14. Hi Gabor, are the metal schemes in natural metal or painted aluminium ? Regards Robert
  15. Great set of pictures showing the differences and the added information. Thanks looking forward to getting one. Regards Robert
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