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  1. That made up F-2A on the table looks like a proposed Kai version with conformal fuel tanks on the fuselage. There is a large 1/24 F-2A from de Agostini https://deagostini.jp/f2t/ seems to be only available from Japan. Regards Robert
  2. I see they have done their homework with the lightning strips on the nose which Hasegawa got wrong. Regards Robert
  3. Have a good time at the show. Hopefully there will be some new releases. Regards Robert
  4. Hope you have access to the Steve Ginter's Naval Fighters book. I like the Drone controllers myself. Regards Robert
  5. I wonder if Eduard would pass on the 1/72 MiG-21 project to Special Hobby ? Regards Robert
  6. What would be the best way to make a MiG-25P using the ICM kit. Regards Robert
  7. Hi, this is the Hasegawa 1/72 F-16B kit backdated to the earlier version using the CAS Viper decal sheet. Regards Robert
  8. Hi Rob, the cutaway drawing had been stapled inside so is at the beginning and is folded up. The scale (?) drawings which are also folded up are at the end of the colour section and beginning of the black and white section. I wonder is someone had removed them ? Regards Robert
  9. I have the Japanese publication Koku-Fan dated August 77, Vol.26 No.9. It has a picture montage from when it landed at Hakodate Airport on the 6th Sept, being surrounded and inspected by people. It was covered in a very large orange sheet and the insignia and number was covered over with paper. It was then moved to a corner of Hakodate Airport then an hanger was constructed around it. The wing and tail fins were removed, awaiting collection by a C-5 to take it to Hyakuri AB. There are also black and white pictures of the MiG-25 flying over Hakodate probably going to the airport. Also in the ma
  10. Hasegawa did this in 1/72 https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10472164/40/3 . Perhaps someone can provide a high res scan. Regards Robert
  11. There was an interesting discussion about Tamiya decals on YT the other day. Ignore the waffle but it is interesting at 18.30 minutes. https://youtu.be/7YMRr9aGWbg Regards Robert
  12. The wheel hubs were different as well, so l assume those are on the second picture. Regards Robert
  13. Just wonder if they will do more commemorative JASDF Phantoms like the black and white ones from 302 SQ final schemes. Regards Robert
  14. Thanks for getting back to me/us. Regards Robert
  15. Hi Kursad, any movement on posting to the UK ? Regards Regards
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