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  1. This are the instructions…. I can’t get part e13 to fit anywhere
  2. Thanks for the reply but since I’m gonna be doing this in SEA scheme would the wings and everything be painted white? And another question…. How do these parts go together?? Sorry for all the questions but like i said this is my first jet… i don’t even know the terminology!!
  3. Couple questions… Is the landing gear white? Along with with bays? And are they under wings painted white or light ghost grey?
  4. Thanks for the tips/ heads up! This has definitely been a new experience and my next protect is gonna Be a 1/48 a10 and that’s gonna be an accurate build with the same am items like wheel bays and cockpit… hopefully i won’t screw it up like this project!! Anyways here are some more pictures… i think I’m ready for paint… s
  5. It seems that i made a few mistakes and I’m sure they won’t be the last haha… i do agree with you guys, i should have sanded Wheel bay down instead of doing what i did! for future projects, do after market wheel bays fit inside the fuselage? Anyways here are more progress pics. As usual all comments and criticism is welcome!
  6. Anybody can post their pictures here if they want… i could definitely use any tips and ideas you guys have on your past projects! This is my first jet and it’s pretty much a practice run which is why I’m not really going for accuracy
  7. I’m back!! Sorry but this project has not been easy!! I’m having lots of fit issues with the aftermarket parts and i had to use lots gap filler which i have little experience with… here are some pictures
  8. Very well said! It’s definitely not worth it to me cause this is my first jet and it won’t be 100% accurate! I tried painting the cockpit based off sone youtube videos and here is what i got… If it’s or looks bad please tell me
  9. Anybody hand and tips on how to paint/ weather this
  10. That is a good idea!
  11. The little glass piece glare shield? Should that be painted a clear green? Or left clear?
  12. Hopefully mine would come out as smooth as that! Anyways here are some updates
  13. Is this supposed to be all gloss black? Or flat black?
  14. Here is what i have accomplished so far!
  15. I posted this project in The wrong area but now i am in the right place i hope. This is my first jet/plane So i could use a lot of help… this is kind of a practice run and my goal is to keep an accurate a7e by shape but it will be painted in SEA scheme cause i think it looks cool.
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